Article Summary Sample on Healthcare Technical Needs How Political Fear Was Pitted against Technical Needs

Healthcare is one of the basic needs that must be satisfied. The American constitution entitles Americans to quality and affordable health and medical care. However, many Americans are not in a position to fully and sufficiently finance their medical and healthcare needs. Given the income inequality among the Americans, it is common to realize that a good number of Americans with lower income are often faced with financial challenges that limit their financial power to afford quality health and medical care. The creation of affordable medical and healthcare programs has been marred by political debates and campaigns over decades in American political history.

It was news that the 2008 presidential elections and campaigns pitting Barack Obama and John McCain featured the creation of affordable healthcare programs for low-income Americans who cannot meet their medical needs. The two different camps had different healthcare policies that would be essential in improving the provision of healthcare services to the Americans independent of their ability to pay. This marked the beginning of the affordable healthcare debate that was met by different reactions and opinions in the U.S.

Obama’s campaign strategy focused on middle and low-income Americans, particularly improving the quality of life for these groups who, for a long time, had been marginalized. The Republicans heavily criticized this proposed healthcare program based on the idea that such healthcare program would even be more burdensome to the Americans that the then healthcare insurance policies. From the Republic’s point of view, Obama’s healthcare policies would be costly to the taxpayers, especially the high-class Americans who contribute a large proportion of the tax. The Democrats on their defense for the proposed healthcare program asserted that making healthcare more affordable to the majority of the American through Medicare and Medicaid was a fundamental economic program that would result into general increased economic productivity of U.S. at large.

After Obama had worn the presidential elections of 2008, the presidents went ahead to implement one of the campaign policies that earned him votes among the low and medium-class Americans. The affordable healthcare programs and policies, as promised during the presidential campaigns, were aimed at reducing the medical burden on Americans, thereby improving the quality of life and healthcare provision. Through this medical policy, the White House passed the bill under the umbrella “Obamacare.”
This medical and healthcare program was implemented in the American economy and had resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of healthcare for Americans in general, with the low and middle-class Americans being the main beneficiaries of the program. The program advocated for the creation of state-subsidized public health insurance policies that brought together health providers and health insurance firms. As expected, this policy was criticized both from the economic and political front. Politically, the Republicans were opposed to the program on the ground that it would be more costly to the upper-class Americans who would dig deeper into their pocket through tax to finance the tax burden associated with the Obamacare, hence creating inequality.

Economically, Obamacare faced resistance from a section of an economist who argued that increasing the funding on health and medical care, particularly among the lower class, would result in uncaring health behavior. For this reason, it would even be more costly to the federal government that old healthcare policy that was more individualized healthcare plan. On the other hand, differences emerged in the leadership of Obamacare. Economists were opposed to the idea that the scheme is headed by Nancy-Ann DeParle, who legislated for its implementation and approval in the congress house. Instead, they proposed that non-political partisans lead the scheme with no political interest in the issue except to the economic interest of the welfare. However, the President had already settled his mind on Nancy-Ann DeParle to be the front runner in the implementation of Obamacare…

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