How to Write a Process Paper in the Shortest Time

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A process paper is a kind of writing project that aims to describe events or guides others to complete particular actions. You can write this type of paper about stuff you are interested in, and at the same time, that also fits in with your instructor’s requirements. The main aim is to show readers the essential steps needed for doing a specific action – for example, instructions on how to use a new camera, a guide on how to install software, or an explanation of the process of development of a species. After looking through the paper the reader should be able to accomplish some actions.

How to Write a Process Paper Easily

When writing a process paper, one should take several questions into consideration:

  1.  Why is the explained process is important?
  2.  Who and what is affected by it?
  3.  Are there various ways of carrying out the process?
  4.  What should readers find out from the paper?
  5.  What tools and skills are needed to complete the action?
  6.  How many steps should be carried out? Are there any difficulties in accomplishing them?
  7.  Are there any other processes that can serve as ways to better understand the process that was described?

Now you know what questions should be answered while thinking about how to write a process paper – it’s time for giving you useful tips and advice to follow while writing.

  • Do not write about complicated processes, unless you really feel ready for the task. You can be too overwhelmed and exhausted with writing.
  • Pay special attention to the transitions in your process paper. Of course, you may use “and then” all the time, but it will sound like your aunt Nancy told you how to cook an apple pie. The same is with “thirdly”, “next”, etc.
  • Stop attempts to make all steps in your process paper equally important. Make sure there are more significant ones. You may include one warning to catch readers’ attention and add some variety.
  • Be attentive to your pronouns. If you use “I” do it throughout the whole paper – do not conclude your writing with “you” or other words.
  • Be detailed in your introduction. List all the materials needed to carry out the particular action and describe everything one has to do with them.
  • Summarize all the previously mention steps in the concluding part. Mention at first what results should be achieved and then (remember, our aunt Nancy?) re-state the importance of the topic.

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