College Students Problems – Solved!

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When it comes to studies, difficulties, problems and nightmares are your faithful companions and friends. We are going to dispel all your worries connected with the problems college students face and suggest solutions. So, let’s start.

Problem #1. The most significant one. It appears before entering college and concerns the choice of faculty and courses to attend. High school graduates should make a decision what to do for the next several years, and consequently what to do with their future career. It is hard to go without parents’ and grandmother’s advice about the importance of a degree and a job you like.

Stay calm and do not worry about this at all. One of the most significant college student problems at this stage is writing an application letter and passing exams. All the rest will be solved later.

Problem #2. Expensive textbooks. The cost of education is a special issue to discuss, so let’s talk only about books now. Their prices are very high, but there have been millions of students that have studied before you. Why not try to buy old books from them and sell them later to younger students?


Do not like the previous option? Try to download available textbooks on the Web. Buy the book together with your friend. Or, think over another option.

Problem #3. Waking up early in the morning. This problem cannot be solved, as the advice of going to bed early have been followed by no student ever!


Problem #4. Cafeteria food. Here appears never-ending problems college students face – whether to cook themselves, whether to buy “ready-to-eat” products in supermarkets or whether to eat in a cafeteria. Colleges use various tricks to attract more students to their campus. Cafeteria food is one of the most helpful ones – healthy food, nutrition, fresh fruit and vegetables, accesibility, and this is not the end of the list of their attractive features. Therefore, take a closer look at the variety of food offered and you will definitely find something to your taste.


Problem #5. Long gaps between boring lectures. This point can be called a set of problems, as you waste a lot of time in both cases. But… during a lecture, you can listen to your professor, and even write everything down. If it is not what you like to do, there are other opportunities: to speak with your groupmate, to play games, to do a lot of selfies and choose the most attractive one for Instagram, to dream about summer vacations, to… Hope, we do not need to continue the list, as you know yourself what to do when you are bored.


Breaks between lectures can be spent productively as well – you can call your mom and chat with her, do your homework or find freelance jobs which can be carried out online.

Problem #6. Difficult tests and writing assignments to accomplish. We know you do your best to study well and get good grades, but sometimes it is impossible to cope successfully with all the projects you need to do. And this is where we can help with these college student problems. is a team of highly-trained and qualified academic writers, eager to help students with any type of paper. No matter what difficulty level and discipline it is, they will assist you.