Learning How to Write – Little Tricks from Wise Sharks

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What ingredients should be added to your paper to make them taste delicious? What accords should accomplish the paper to make it sound perfect? What techniques should be used to impress readers and to write a masterpiece? By learning how to write with our experienced sharks, you will survive in our competitive world and you will always be a step ahead of your classmates.

Shark’s piece of advice #1. Make the readers oriented in your paper. Grab the audience’s attention from the beginning of your story, review, analysis or any other type of paper. Specify what your readers should expect and what issues will be discussed later on. Make them expect something significant and informative from your writing.

Shark’s piece of advice #2. Discovery. We are not talking about the writer now (you will surely find out new information while getting ready for writing). Make your readers discover some new facts, points of view (even the most controversial ones you can hardly believe yourself), arguments, citations, etc. While learning how to write do not let the readers to predict the end of the story. They should not be able to guess the conclusion of your story it.

Shark’s piece of advice #3. Something borrowed. No-no-no: “Sharks” will never recommend you to steal someone’s ideas. One should have a solid background knowledge in your topic to write something impressive and worth reading. You can express your opinion by speaking about the influence of artificial intelligence, for example, but it would be impossible to prove the negative impact of modern gadgets on person’s health without proper research and conclusions of world-famous scholars.

Sometimes it is enough to look through available essay (or other types of papers) samples on the Web and have a clear paper structure and content in your mind. You can prepare yourself by reading dozens of articles on your topic.

Shark’s piece of advice #4. Something new. Add drama to your paper! Express unexpected and outrageous viewpoints. Talking about the “Interstellar” movie, for example, do not follow the mainstream – tell your own impressions and questions which were left unanswered for you. Write several issues which are completely controversial to the general point of view.

Shark’s piece of advice #5. When learning how to write, memorize several useless words which are necessary to avoid. Check out: “And then their conversation was suddenly stopped as they heard a very scary shout and someone started to run in their direction.” Does this sentence seem strange to you too? If yes, pay attention to your writing and make each word of your paper equally necessary and important. Omit such words as: very, suddenly, really, nice (awesome, amazing), that, started (in phrases like “the boy started running,”).

Shark’s piece of advice #6. Write what you think. Choose topics you are proficient in to have a lot of arguments to support your point of view. If you don’t know anything about the theme, but you are truly interested in it, you can pick it without hesitation. You will write an outstanding paper without any effort.

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