How to Write a Sociology Essay and Get a Good Grade

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First of all, it is necessary to understand that in order to learn how to write a sociology essay, it takes quite a long time. It is impossible to write an essay without preliminary preparation that a professor would highly rate. With sustainable skills, good results appear after 2-3 months of work (approximately 15-20 written essays). Systematic exercises and dedication bring high performance. You need to hone your skills in practice with the help and careful control of the teacher. Let’s find out how you can write a good sociology paper.

Peculiarities of a Sociology Paper

Unlike an essay on literature or the English language, where the minimum amount for the paper is clearly stipulated and general thinking is allowed (“philosophizing” without specification), the volume is not limited in a sociology essay, but its structure and content are fundamentally different. A sociology essay is in fact the answer to a question: “Do I agree with this statement and why?” That is why this type of paper must contain a strong argument, scientific content, and concretization.

At the same time, it should be noted that unusual, paradoxical statements are often used as the topic of the essay, requiring figurative thinking and a non-standard approach to solving the problem. This inevitably leaves its imprint on the style of the essay, requiring the maximum concentration of strength and attention.

I would also like to add that sociology essays are evaluated by professors. You need to remember that this essay must not only meet all the requirements, but also be distinguished by a certain level of originality – this is implied by the essay genre itself. Therefore, it is necessary not only to present the scientific and factual material on the topic, but also to pleasantly surprise with irregularity and flexibility of thinking.

Sociology Essay Structure

1. Introduction – the presentation of the problem as stated by the author, and its relevance.
2. Main body – the author’s point of view, argumentation at the theoretical level, and at least two examples from social practice, history, and/or literature, confirming the correctness of the opinions expressed.
3. Conclusion – the main ideas of the arguments brought together and a summary of the reasoning confirming the correctness or incorrectness of the judgment on the subject of the essay.

Steps for Writing a Sociology Paper

  • Choose the topic. Select the one that is most understandable – the student must clearly understand what the statement is about, and what the author wanted to say. In order to remove doubts on whether the topic is understood correctly, the student must reformulate the phrase in their own words, defining the main idea. It can be done in a draft.

From the chosen topics, it is necessary to choose the one that the student knows best. It is necessary to note the fact that students often choose topics that are easy to write on. However, in any case, it is necessary to choose the topic so that while writing on it, you can fully demonstrate the completeness of your knowledge and the depth of your thoughts (that is, it must be a winning topic).

When choosing the topic of the essay, it is necessary to pay attention to what social science it refers to. A number of phrases can refer to several sciences at once. For example, the statement, “man is determined not only by natural qualities, but also acquired ones,” may belong to philosophy, social psychology, and sociology. Acordingly, the content of the essay should differ depending on this, as it must comply with the specified basic science.

  • Write the first draft of your essay. When you are writing a draft, you may rewrite your thoughts several times. On a draft, you can write a sociology research paper outline where you need to include the meaning of the topic, your arguments, scientists’ points of view, concepts and theoretical positions that you intend to bring to your paper, as well as an approximate order of their location taking into account the semantic logic of your essay.

The student must express his or her personal attitude to the chosen topic in clearly expressed wording (“I agree,” “I disagree,” “I do not quite agree,” “I agree, but partially,” or phrases similar in meaning). The presence of a personal relationship is one of the criteria on the basis of which the essay is evaluated by the professor.

It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of arguments to confirm your point of view. Arguments should be convincing and reasonable. Data from the relevant sciences, historical facts, and facts from social life are used as arguments. Argumentation of a personal nature (examples from personal life) is not highly evaluated, therefore its use as a form of evidence is undesirable.

It should be remembered that any personal example is easy to “transform” into an example from social life and practice if you write about it from a detatched perspective. The number of arguments in the essay is not limited, but having 3-5 arguments is the best option for uncovering the topic.

How should a sociology essay conclusion be written? You need to conclude everything that you have said in your essay. You can do it in the following way: “Thus, based on the foregoing, it can be argued that the author was right in their statement.”

  • Proofread and edit your essay. This step is necessary if you want to get a high grade. While writing, you may not notice your mistakes – that’s why it is important to read your paper through after you finish it. To make this process even more effective, ask someone to read your paper and point out weaknesses.

Common Mistakes in Sociology Papers

  1. On the one hand, misunderstandings and the inability to isolate the problem are associated with a lack of knowledge of sociology. On the other hand, students often try to adjust the essay problem to the known problems discussed in class in previously written, read, that is, ready-made, essays.
  2. The inability to formulate a problem is often associated with a lack of a developed vocabulary and terminological reserve in sociology.
  3. The inability to formulate the meaning of the topic is associated with a lack of understanding or a misunderstanding of its content, and the lack of necessary knowledge in sociology.
  4. The absence of arguments is connected with the student’s ignorance or act of ignoring the requirements for an essay in sociology, as well as its structure.
  5. Errors in working with the information are caused by the inability to analyze social experience.
  6. Uncritical perceptions of social information are found from media reports and the internet. As a result, unverified facts, unfounded or provocative statements, and biased assessments are often used by students as evidence in an essay.
  7. A one-sided view of social phenomena predominates, as well as the inability to identify and build cause and effect relationships.

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