What Is a Gap Year: Its Opportunities and Benefits

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More and more students nowadays prefer traveling a year after graduation instead of looking for a job immediately. This span of time is called a gap year. One can go to Australia, Norway, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Netherdands or any other destination. The length of time you spend abroad can vary too – from several months to a year, or more. What is a gap year after college? It is not a simple trip – it can be career gap, volunteering, backpacking, working abroad, finding new friends, gaining new experience, improving a CV, getting acquainted with new cultures, etc. A gap year sometimes can be called a trip between life stages.

What can you do during your gap year after college? Go on a backpacking through
Himalayas, teach English as a second language in China, tend to deers in need in Finland, volunteer in Belize, watch Varanasi burning ghats, visit ski instructor courses in France, and so on. Just choose a destination and you will be offered with a variety of opportunities.

To make the question what is a gap year after college clearer, let’s speak about one of the opportunities in details. I’ve chosen India, as it is a place I dream about visiting one day. After reading of Katherine (Kate) J. Boo’s book “Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity” I’ve decided to find out more about programs allowing to travel to India to see the country inside out and share useful information with you about gap years (we’ll do this in one particular example).

What is a gap year semester in India? It is a 1-3 month program aiming to explore a unique culture with diverse religions, lifestyles, outlooks, soul-inspiring traditions and holidays, spiritual landscapes, engaging adventures and many other sights, which attract million of tourists from all over the world each year. The price of the program varies $5 000 to $10 000 (depending on your period of stay). The cost comprises of visas, health insurance, accommodations, food and activities specified in the program. The activities may include: volunteering in Mother Teresa Home, exploring Varanasi’s sacred places and the Ganges, Hindi language classes, traveling to the Himalayas, helping in orphanages, educating street children and many other activities.

A gap year after college in India or any other country will change your life and will give you strength, inspiration and energy to continue your studies, or apply for a job. A unique insight into the culture, traditions and a lifestyle of this country will make you another person and will help to understand important things in life.

If you are tired of studies, bored with endless writing assignments and want to find some place for inspiration and self-actualization, joining gap year after college program is a perfect opportunity for you. While you will be preparing for the trip and gathering the necessary documents, we can take care of your studies and written tasks. We at EssayShark.com do our best to help you enjoy your student life fully so don’t have to spend the best years of your life on studies only.