Interstellar Movie Review Sample

Were Online Critics Too Harsh About Interstellar?

The “Interstellar” movie, filmed by the famous director Christopher Nolan, was highly anticipated and expected to become one of the greatest sci-fi movies about outer space. However, according to the film reviews from various American publications, the movie unexpectedly provoked controversial feeling and reactions among its audiences and critics. Although the majority of feedbacks are quite positive or neutral, many critics pointed serious flaws that the movie creators did.

To begin with, “Interstellar’s” creators have gathered a brilliant cast of famous American and British actors such as Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, and others. Even the robot TARS speaks with Bill Irwin’s voice. Naturally, the excellent performance of the actors was not left unnoticed by the majority of film critics. Besides, “Interstellar” can boast of superb visual quality and outstanding special effects, which was also were celebrated by critics.

For example, James Roberts in his review for Glide Magazine, said that he was literally glued to the screen throughout all the movie; according to his words, he was getting “overwhelmed by wonder and owe” and called it “a true marvel to behold,” regarding its special effects and technical performance (Roberts). Comparing to other movies like “2001: The Space Odyssey” and “Gravity,” which exploit the same idea of space traveling and exploring other planets, the “Interstellar” creators managed to develop the idea further, creating impressive and realistic images of other worlds. For example, big massive tidal waves on the first planet were truly astonishing, especially seen in IMAX.

On the other hand, despite the excellent comments on the exceptional visual quality of the “Interstellar,” its narrative part provoked criticism. One of the aspects that are paid the most attention is the overall composition of the movie. For example, Joe Morgenstern in his review for the Wall Street Journal noticed that some events in the movie are happening at a blistering pace, while some are dragging on. He called the overall pace of the movie a “laggard one,” noting that such inconsistency of the storylines and events sequence creates confusion. Besides, he questions the credibility of the scientific facts and discussions from the movie (Morgenstern, 2014). He also thinks that the movie is overloaded with numerous distractions such as long and complicated dialogues or dramatic change of scenes.

It should be said that the movie refers to one of the greatest questions of our time — the possibility of interstellar traveling and exploration of other worlds and dimensions. It also outlines such global problems as the exhaustion of resources, bad ecology, problems of intellectual freedom, family relationships, and destiny. Therefore, according to The Washington Post critic, the movie is a blend of space adventure, family melodrama, and mediation on global human problems and their correlation with a destiny of one individual (Hornaday, 2014). Undoubtedly, this could have become one of the most distinctive and appealing features, in case it did not make the whole movie over-encumbered. The director tried to imbue the movie with deep meaning by packing it with all possible current issues and problems, both global and personal, that humanity faces. Thus, the biggest failure of the movie is too complicated plot and the absence of a particular main storyline and idea.

So, the cast and the brilliant visual quality have definitely contributed to the success of “Interstellar.” However, according to the numerous American critics, the filmmakers still did not manage to avoid flaws. They believe that the visual part of the movie has overwhelmed its narrative part. Besides, complicated plot and abundance of distractions is considered to be the biggest “Interstellar’s” drawback. Speaking in James Roberts’ words, the movie did not manage to “break orbit,” which means the movie did not manage to meet the expectations.

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