Effective Persuasive Writing Techniques for Everyone

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Persuasion is a talent. Possessing the skill of persuasion can accomplish many goals in a short time; in history, we have examples of people who had the gift of persuasion, and who changed the world: Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, and even such people as Hitler. Although you are definitely not Mahatma Gandhi, you will still need persuasion techniques in your daily life. Why? Well, if you are a student, you will need to write a persuasive essay sooner or later. Fortunately, you have found this guide on the most common persuasive writing techniques, so now you can feel confident.

Before you apply any of the techniques though, you should make sure to observe several simple rules:

– know who is your audience (what people you will be addressing, what their age is, and their social status)
– know what is important to your audience (your topic should more or less match with what interests them)
– know about the topic you will be writing about.

Persuasive Writing Techniques

  1.  Appealing to the emotions of the audience you are addressing. Emotions can be compared with a skeleton key – a ultimate lockpick that opens any doors. When a person is emotional, their rational thinking fades (to a degree depending on the intensity of emotions), and they believe what they are told with more ease. This trick is widely used in commercials. For example, you see a happy family with smiling faces, eating in KFC: your minds subconsciously associates KFC chicken with happiness, and the next time you walk by a KFC restaurant, you are more likely to drop in and grab a bite. Or, during WWII, nazistic propaganda used negative images of Allies and the USSR forces to convince German people that they were evil.
  2. Appeal to logic. This technique is somewhat opposite to the previous technique, and is widely used in official and academic environments. In order to support the claim you are making, you search for facts, data, competent opinions, and other evidence, and introduce them to your audiences. Appealing to emotions is a more “subjective” method, so to say, and may fail if your audience is already “emotionally charged” against your claim; however, arguing with pure facts and numbers is more difficult.
  3. Make them agree. I don’t mean using brute force to make your audience agree with your claim – I mean make them say “yes” as many times as possible. If you argue against abortions, and your audience consists of proponents of this surgery, instead of dancing around with facts and statistics, or writing “How can you be so cruel?” try asking small questions, or making statements that have only one answer – positive. Life is precious. A child’s life is a miracle. Abortions may seem necessary, but they are still cruel. Isn’t abortion the same as killing? These are the approximate questions you can ask – answering “no” to at least one of them is pretty difficult. Once you make a person say “yes” once, he or she will agree with you easier with each next “yes.” As a result, this person will be more likely to agree with your negative opinion about abortions.

Persuasive Writing Techniques Everyone Has to Know

It is not a new thing for you to persuade your mother to let you go to a club for dancing, or go for the weekend to your friend’s pleasure house. Am I right? Of course.

Persuasion is a kind of exercise to prove one’s point of view and hopefully win over your detractors.Your task is to present some case and make others agree with it. It is a kind of offer, which is impossible to refuse. By mastering persuasive writing techniques and tricks, you will become successful not only in academic writing, but also in everyday life.

Top 10 Persuasive Writing Techniques

#1 – Repetition

Try to present your point of view in several ways. Sometimes you can be misunderstood and sometimes just misheard. When writing a persuasive paper, you should be completely sure readers understand your information or presented facts. Avoid repeating facts in the same way – your paper won’t be read to the end – use your point of view, quotations, examples, some stories, jokes, etc. At the end, sum up everything in your own words.

#2 – Explanation

The power of “the word” BECAUSE is unarguable. If your reasons and arguments make sense and you explain your point of view, you will definitely be heard by others, and what is more – they will move to your side.

#3 – Consistency

It can seem like a boring technique at first, but being inconsistent means being unstable and irrational. You should try to make your audience agree with your point of view by using a lot of supportive facts and data.

#4 – Usage of personal pronouns

When writing a persuasive paper, use words like “we”, “our”, “you” to make your readers believe you are speaking with them and express your ideas to them personally.

#5 – Magic phrase “if…then”

Give a sense of logic to each argument you provide – make sure all ideas are connected with each other.

#6 – “Reason-emotion-beliefs” principle

By using a combination of previously mentioned techniques, you will increase your chances to persuade readers 3 times. Take into consideration the reasons, emotions, and beliefs you want to express, with which you can engage your readers and gain more credibility.

#7 – Comparisons

The most helpful tools for persuasive writers are analogies, metaphors and similes. For example, you can compare a giraffe and an elephant. Choose subjects to compare from one class.

#8 – Telling stories

It is one of the most helpful persuasive writing techniques – mostly used for catching readers’ attention. It does not presuppose the convincing of an audience – you just share a story and it helps readers to make a decision on whether you are right or wrong, or come to their own conclusions.

#9 – Your own creative point of view

It does not have to be completely right or truthful, but glint in your eyes and your confident look will definitely persuade the listeners in your point of view.

Combine all of the mentioned above persuasive writing techniques in a manner you like and you will definitely achieve success in academic writing and all spheres of life and business. In any case, our writers can always help you with all types of research-related projects.