Essay about Teenagers: Why Do Teenagers Get Depressed so Frequently?

Transition from a “child,” when everybody surrounds you with care and forgives all mischief, to an “adult,” when you have to take responsibility and make decisions, is a hard way. It lasts for years, going through different stages of emotional and physiological transformation.

The main causes of teenage depression are:

  • Loss of sense of significance

Every time the relationships with the surrounding world are broken, a teenager feels unimportant. Parents became strangers, the old friends got new ones – change of the usual circle of relationships affects the self-esteem.

  • Low self-esteem in comparison to the icon

Teenager self-esteem is formed on the basis of the opinion of the world. If it does not conform to the icon, then it is “bad.” That is why the boys are constantly competing with each other and the girls want to be like the icons from the TV screen.

Quarrels, divorce, loss of the loved ones, illness or aggression of parents – there are lots of factors that a child can not affect, so he shrinks into himself and becomes outwardly indifferent to everything happening, but he is still deeply concerned.

Questions like “who am I?” and “why do I live?” harrow teenagers all the time. It happens often, that in search of an answer they try to enter the opposition, thereby expressing their displeasure with reality. In such a way a fear of growing up is manifested.

Every eighth teenager suffers from severe depression. The other seven are experiencing it in the easier version of a temporary bad mood, inhibitedness and apathy. If depression lasts longer than 3-4 weeks, it is necessary to seek the assistance of a specialist.

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