Health Care Essay: Sleeping Disorders and Smartphones

This is considered to be quite normal to experience sleeping disorder at one time or another. It could happen due to any stress and outside factors. We do not worry about that if it is temporary. However, if sleeping disorder becomes a regular occurrence, a person will definitely suffer a lot. Moreover it will have a negative impact on one’s daily life and health.  Nowadays such modern devices like computers, tables and smartphones are a fundamental  part of people’s every day life. It is safe to say that we can not do without them. They are  incredibly helpful, useful and just fun. But thorough analysis of the pros and cons shows there is much to be said on both sides.

Let me give you an example, a study in Finland revealed around 20% of girls and 10% of  teenage boys suffer from chronic fatigue (Russell, 2014). The study revealed increase in insomnia and expert believes smartphones may be to blame. Let us look into a matter carefully.

Everyone is obsessed about the launch of new smartphones. Like I said, smartphones are used for hours and admired by almost everyone. However, scientists have something different to say. Sleep researchers have advised people to keep their smartphones far away from their  bed, as they have led to rise of sleep-related problems. I think we should sit up and take notice of that. The reason I say this is that using smartphones in the bedroom may cause  delays in initial sleep and then sleep loss. Once you pick up your smartphone to see the time or to take the call, you may check your email, and toss and turn sleeplessly in bed afterwards thinking about the email. Moreover experimental research has found that if people surf the  net for up to two hours before bed, it takes an extra hour to fall asleep.

In addition, sleep researchers say that looking at a “blue light,” which is produced by smartphones and tablet screens, sets off brain receptors that are intended to keep us  awaken and interferes with circadian sleep patterns (Clark, 2014). Smartphones emit light of all colors, but it’s the blues in particular that pose a danger to sleep. The devices that emit  such a light work against the hormone, which is responsible for creating the drowsiness our body needs to promote sleepiness. That’s fine in the morning, but our brains are supposed to start producing melatonin when we are ready for sleep, and blue light interferes with that process (Loria, 2014). So easing a smartphone into bed makes it harder to take a long snooze.

As can be seen from the above, smartphone may cause serious sleeping disorders. In the meanwhile it must be acknowledged that we can’t avoid smartphones all the time. But we should try to limit our exposure at night. As lamps switch off in bedrooms across the world, the lights from our smartphones often stay on throughout the night. Based on what was reported, think of it and improve your sleep quality. Have a nice dream!

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