Medical School Essays: Sample on Hypnosis

The Clinical Uses of Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis doesn’t need long representation and loud advertising. Having behind some millennia of development, having overcome many barriers and having reflected a lot of attacks, today, it still takes a leading position in the solution, apparently, of unsolvable problems.

And it is not in mysticism or the secret knowledge of hypnotists, and that the qualified education and corresponding practical skills allow to make changes in the most enigmatic sphere of human consciousness, thereby allowing deep-activated medical resources and strengths of the individual – the forces, able to defeat disease and stress, giving new opportunities in solving all kinds of problems. Clinical hypnosis is a psychotherapy method allowing the expert to deal with psychological, psychosomatic, and somatic problems.

Clinical hypnosis as a treatment has started to be applied since 1882 after the famous French neurologist, and psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot read a report about the treatment of hysterical disorders with the help of hypnosis. After that, clinical hypnosis has been actively used in medical practice, especially in psychotherapy and psychiatry. The treatment of panic attacks, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chemical dependences – the scope of clinical hypnosis is very wide.

For this time, modern technologies of methods of hypnosis give an opportunity to work doctors without full immersion of the patient in a deep sleep. The technique of “new hypnosis” can exemplify according to the method of Erikson. In this case, the consciousness of the patient remains clear, and hypnotic suggestions come true by means of the “trance condition.” Statistics showed that just the same rather difficult technologies had appeared to be effective enough at psychotherapy treatment of narcotic dependence.

In certain cases, hypnosis causes emotional stress. People with certain diseases of mentality and also people who apply insulin, sedative substances, and cardiacs must at first consult doctor about the possibility of including hypnosis in the program of treatment. Sometimes hypnosis pulls for itself rapid feelings of tiredness, disturbance, fear, a faint or an attack of spasms of which A. Kronfeld mentioned…

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