High School Essay Sample: Healthy Nations

Why Are South Korean and Japanese People So Healthy?

It is no secret that mentality of eastern people differ from the others. Devotion and respect to traditions, healthy lifestyle and constant care about environment are not the only advantages. Most of the countries popularize healthy lifestyle, however, Asian countries combine old traditions, exercises and techniques with modern approaches and creativity. To be particular Japan and South Korea are the most developed in healthcare aspect; for this reason, they are worth of attention and investigation.

Not only improved spheres of healthcare in these countries, but also the attitude of the citizens to the health from the early childhood till the advanced age. Everybody understands that sound mind can be in the sound body only. It is normal to see a group of senior people in the park practicing morning exercises with a tutor; or groups of young enthusiasts, who are fond of yoga, bikes or running. As South Korea became a very developed country, Korean government allowed providing the medical health care reform and it showed great results (Lee, 2003). Currently, healthcare programs are obligatory with the help of National Health Insurance (NHI). Due to the efforts South Korea can offer the spectrum of healthcare services in private, oriental and general hospitals (Healthcare in South Korea). What concerns Japan, according to the last news of 2015 year, the Prime Minister is eager to strengthen health program. Such serious attitude combines with conscious and responsible citizens (The Path Towards Universal Health Coverage). It is obvious enough that without open-minded and sound society reforms would not help.

Interestingly, each of these countries occupies comparatively small territory, however, they manage to improve most of life aspects better than neighbor countries with more resources and less population.

In conclusion, after brief overview one can observe that the health policy in Japan and South Korea is higher than in other counties. Accordingly, people have more options and possibilities for health improvement.

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