The Holocaust Research Paper: Nuremberg Trials

What Are the Nuremberg Trials and What Are Their Consequences?

After World War II had ended and peace had come onto the main stage, a year of great justice began. Held from 20 November 1945 to 1 October 1946, the Nuremberg Trials were a series of the first international and most prominent tribunals on a global level. It was mainly aimed at the accusation of Nazi leaders and the punitive forces who participated in the escalation of World War II, as well as the outbreak of the Holocaust.

On 8 August 1945, the leaders of the USA, Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France issued an agreement on the formation of an International Tribunal. Soon after, 19 more countries joined this plan. A set of trials started on 20 November 1945 and lasted for 11 months. Nuremberg, Germany, was ironically chosen for the trials, namely in the Palace of Justice. Prior to this, it was mainly used for Nazi ceremonies and was known as the place where the Party was formed.

Hundreds of witnesses have been examined in the courtroom, and thousands of documents were reviewed. Books, articles, public speeches of Nazi leaders, newsreel, historical photographs, and documentaries were considered to be evidence. Trustworthiness and cogency were out of the question. Two hundred war criminals (including twenty four Nazi leaders and seven organizations) had been tried during this period. The incriminations were for the crimes against peace, crimes against humankind, and war crimes. Most of the accused were imprisoned or sentenced to death. Some, however, were found not guilty.

The unity of nations in the non-acceptance of violence had proved that one could be successful in withstanding against a universal evil. The Nuremberg Trials have ultimately shown that every person is deeply responsible for their actions and that nothing in the world flies to the wind.

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