How to Bounce Back after Holidays

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Happy New Year!

I suppose you had a good time celebrating the New Year, and acquired some new, good memories. The only thing that possibly discourages you is that the holidays are already over, and your usual daily routine is right about to begin all over again.

It’s natural. In fact, about 80 percent of employees experience a slight form of depression when they have to return to work after holidays. There is even a formula that allows us to calculate the rate of post-holiday frustration. Seriously! Here it is:

[W + (D – d)] x TQ M x NA

W is for weather; (D – d) is for money you had before and after your celebration; TQ is for the time elapsed after we make promises to ourselves for the New Year and the shame for not fulfilling them; M x NA is the level of motivation influenced by the amount of work you’d like to have and the actual one.

Fortunately, there exist several tips that can make this transit go easier.

  1. First of all, observe the routine of your day. Since you were celebrating and everything, most likely your biological clock is now inaccurate. I know it can be harsh, but make sure that every day you go to bed at the same time. Sleeping well and having a proper routine is crucial for your recovery. Otherwise, your confusion will only increase because of the messed up sleeping and waking hours.
  2. Normalize your nutrition. Exclude any alcohol, greasy food, or food rich with carbohydrates. You’ve had enough of it during the holidays. Instead, try out milky products, porridges, vegetables, and fruit. Seafood is also extremely useful.
  3. The transit period is the one when you need positive emotions most of all. If you have something you like doing – a hobby, or some kind of activity – do it! Meet with friends to share your impressions of the holidays; go out on a date; watch comedies. In other words, do something that can feed your brain with fresh energy and ideas.
  4. Plan your studies. Homework is perhaps the worst thing you can face after holidays. Most likely, you’ve got tons of things to do urgently, and you just don’t know what to start with. My advice is to make a plan of things to do, starting from minor things. The trick is that minor tasks are easier to do in a shorter period of time, so when you finally get to harder tasks, you will already have a bunch of things done. It’s really motivating! Otherwise, you can spend several hours doing one big task, and after you finish it, there will still be a pile of unsorted and unresolved issues.
  5. One more piece of advice regarding studies – don’t try to multi-task. Do one thing at a time, even if you have lots of tasks your mind is still relaxed after the holidays, and if you try to load it with several simultaneous tasks, most likely you won’t succeed in any of them.

Well, here are some of the tips that might be useful in terms of returning you back to your normal life. Hope you had a good time!

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