Health Essay Sample: Rabies

Why Can Rabies Be Cured in Dogs but Not in Humans?

Rabies is a most feared disease because it can cause the fatal attack on the human brain and nervous systems. Rabies can be transmitted to humans through infected animals bite, scratch or lick to wounds. Statistics showed that rabies diseases have killed nearly 55,000 people each year.

It has long been understood that a person who is not immunized soon enough will 100% face death after rabies infection. Yet, a vaccinated dog probably can survive from this. Thus, a question “why rabies in dogs can be cured but not in humans” is raised. In my opinion, there are possibilities to cure rabies in human whereas rabies treatment is only effective to dogs if they are pre-vaccinated or treated before serious symptoms appear.

This is shown when a 15 years old girl, Jenna Geise became the first survivor of rabies without any vaccination. Jenna was bitten by a rabid bat on 12 September 2014 and only admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin after the developments of symptoms. She was very fatigued and having double vision, slurred speech, and fever. As a last resort, Dr. Willoughby experimented his theorized treatment plan (later known as Milwaukee Protocol). She was put in a comma to allocate more time for her immune system to clear the virus. After intensive care, Jenna was cured and left with some defects in speech and mobility. Another case was on 6th March 2009 which a 17-year-old girl was diagnosed with rabies managed to recover gradually from rabies after the injection of rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin (HRIG). Recent research reported six rabies patients were found to survive from this lethal diseases either with vaccination or without. Hence, it can be evidence to support my argument.

Lastly, the rabies diseases are no longer unbeatable, and people are advised to seek immediate treatment if found susceptible to rabies infection.


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