Argumentative Essay Example: Abortion

Should women have the right for abortion if serious handicaps are detected in their unborn children?

The recent movement that “Black Lives Matter” can move one to question that, well, do not all lives matter. It is bemusing that left wing liberals go to extremes to champion animal rights, but when it comes to the lives of babies in the womb not only are they adamant about killing them through that vulgar process of abortion.

But they protest in favor of that, and the picking apart of fetuses for what they justify is in the name of science. “The fetus is more visible than ever before, and the abortion-rights movement needs to accept its existence and its value” (Kissling).

Recently an undercover plot by pro-life folk was performed wherein the operators of mutilating fetuses was heralded by those doctors and assistants of whom these guerrillas with hidden cameras busted. As the elitist killers ate their lunch, the camera caught them laughing about slicing up a fetus for parts where said fetus still had a heartbeat, and even one of the women in charge of such hoped the lucrative trend would continue so she could, “Buy a Lamborghini.”

So, brass tax, should parents with a handicapped fetus kill the baby? No. God ordained that baby to be born, to be loved, and to make a difference in someone’s life. How can a murder produce happiness? How can the murder of a handicapped child provide happiness for a couple’s lifetime, for would they not pine away thinking of what joy they might have experienced caring for this special one had they not aborted it?

Autism is rampant. The cause for them is prevalent, the awareness and fundraising are paramount. All of these special children are adored and get much attention, but what if the thousands murdered them in the womb because they are handicapped? Is it biologically plausible that prior maternal induced abortions elevate a newborn baby’s autism risk? In a word, yes. This is because of two mechanisms and raised parental age at delivery. Every product of procreation has potential. If we kill them off one-by-one how much better are we than Hitler killing millions of Jews, or Saddam Hussein raping and killing hundreds of thousands of his people? The handicapped are an exceptional and peculiar and beautiful group of people. How dare we kill them before they have had a chance to reach their potential? After all, who permitted us to murder the less fortunate? We are no better than those who propose eugenics or criminals that simply murder blatantly.

Admittedly this is a difficult subject to broach, but if only the good die young potential will be cut short before fruition. Abortion is genocide. Abortion of the handicap is target practice for unethical so-called “doctors” like shooting fish in a barrel. The only hope these babies have is their guardians’ decision to let them live. Then there are those mothers who forego abortion in hopes of having a perfect kid, as is evidenced by Kanner that a “mother’s fleeting thought of induced abortion was counteracted by the firm determination to rear ‘a perfect baby”.

Be it afflicted or the perfect specimen, life is life. With this truth who could end it without the permission of the one being killed, for do they not have a say about their own lives?

Handicapped or perfect, everyone deserves the right to live where they get to choose their path, but if that opportunity is nipped in the bud by abortion how will we ever know their potential? Some food for thought, Albert Einstein’s mother almost had an abortion. Handicapped or not, we should, as humans, be allowed to have a chance at life. Lastly, there is this bumper sticker that says, “Aren’t you glad your mother was pro-life?” Now the choice is yours.

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