Health Essay Sample: Vaccination

Is the Fact that Vaccinations Are Harmful Proven Scientifically?

Nothing in medicine is 100% safe, and while the absolute safety of vaccines cannot be proved, it can be inferred by the absence of serious side effects in multiple studies.

Three main fears surround vaccination: fear that it may cause the recipient to develop diseases such as asthma or autism; fear that it will cause the disease that it is intended to prevent; and fear that vaccine components will cause harmful side-effects.

The first fear is mostly founded on a study published in a well-known medical journal by Dr. Andrew Wakefield (Wakefield, Murch & Anthony, 1998). The study was based on a small set of patients, and it was later revealed that Wakefield had doctored the results in order to show a correlation between vaccination and autism. The article has since been retracted.

Several studies have been made with a much higher sample of patients, and none have found a correlation between vaccination and the onset of diseases such as autism or asthma (Plotkin, Gerber & Offit, 2009).

The second fear has a sliver of truth: vaccines are selected to contain a weakened form of the disease that can spark an immune response, allowing the body to build up immunity. On rare occasions, a vaccine-virus can genetically change into an active form (World Health Organization [WHO], 2015). This has only happened once in medical history, and in a group of over 3 billion subjects, only 760 cases were recorded. This amounts to a statistically insignificant minority.

The third fear is that vaccines bear toxic components, such as aluminum, that may cause fatal side-effects. However, the amount of aluminum found in vaccines is lower than the amounts found in breast milk and baby formula, and no danger to a recipient’s health.

The U.S. has a federally funded program that does not receive any money from vaccine manufacturers, which submits vaccines to rigorous testing and continually monitors them for safety (Daley & Glanz, 2011). According to the WHO, vaccines have eradicated smallpox, reduced global child mortality rates and prevented many congenital disabilities and lifelong disabilities (Bustreo & Kieny, 2016).

Vaccines are among the most meaningful medical developments of our age, and no hard science supports claims that they are harmful.


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