Nursing Essay Sample: Noise Pollution

How Does Noise Pollution Affect the Rest of the Body?

There is one factor which in modern world has a significant influence upon human organism and health. However, its significance is oftentimes overlooked even by the specialists in the field of health care, not even to mention regular people. More and more of us live in large cities, in which the level of noise pollution is outstandingly high. And such high level of noise pollution can easily result in significant health issues, including loss of hearing, sleeping disorders, depressions, and even cardio-vascular diseases. Here are just a few examples to illustrate this.

Rosen & Olin (1965) as well as a number of other researchers indicated at the risks, related to increased levels of noise 50 years ago. The world used to be much quieter back then. Rosen & Olin (1965) wrote about the connection which exists between increased levels of noise pollution, to which an individual is exposed, and weakening the hearing function. In its turn hearing loss was proved to lead to increased levels of blood pressure and to severe cases of coronary disease (Rosen & Olin, 1965). Another researcher, Field (1993) emphasizes, that reaction to noise pollution is subject to individual differences, however frequent are the cases when individuals exposed to increased levels of noise for a longer period of time ended up developing numerous sleep disorders, including apnea, which in its turn led to gaining extra weight. In some most severe cases patients ended up suffering from heart attacks.

This is why it is so important to always keep in mind the significance of influence which noise pollution can have upon human organism. With this in mind, preventive measures should be taken securing individuals from being exposed to increased volumes of noise for a longer period of time both in residential and business areas.


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