War Essay Sample: How Did Hitler Finance His War?

The reasons of Adolf Hitler’s coming to the power are usually connected with his outstanding oratorical gift, charisma, political will and intuition. However, that would not be achievable without the financial means. Without regular financing of this serious movement, the Nazis would never have reached the heights of power.

The main sponsors of Hitler and his party were the financiers from the Great Britain and the United States. From the beginning, Hitler was a “project” (Moore, 2006). Vigorous Fuhrer was an instrument for the unification of Europe against the Soviet Union.

The German financial industry has sponsored Hitler as well. Among the sponsors was Fritz Thyssen (the eldest son of industrialist August Thyssen). He has provided substantial financial support to the Nazis since 1923, and in 1930 he has publicly supported Hitler. Thyssen was a supporter of the war with the USSR, but protested against the war with the Western countries and opposed the persecution of the Jews (Buchanan, 20083). The German industrialist tycoon Gustav Krupp has also provided the financial assistance to the Nazis. The bankers were also among the sponsors that collected money for Hitler. The most significant is Hjalmar Schacht, the President of the Reichsbank and confidant of Adolf Hitler’s relations with its political and financial sponsors in Western countries (Moore, 2006).

The reasons that led the German financial and industrial elite to helping Hitler and his party have been very different. Some wanted to create a powerful strike force against the inside of the “communist threat” and the labor movement. Other reinsured in the event of Hitler’s rise to power. Others worked in the same group with the global financial Internationale. Everyone has benefited from the mobilization of the military and the war.


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