Infographic: 6 Steps on How to Write a Progress Report

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Do you need to complete a progress report? Our simple tips and steps to write a progress report will definitely help you. Completing papers of this type can be boring, but the reality is that it is quite useful for both sides — you and your superior. Think about this task as the opportunity to share your achievements and problems with someone who can change the state of affairs.

That way, you’ll cope with it easily!

Progress Report Writing Tips

We have prepared these short tips to help you with progress report writing. Read them attentively and try to apply them in practice.

  • Take into consideration the purpose of your report. If your project is going well and you don’t need more time, more money, better equipment or anything of this nature, your aim is just to inform about your progress. However, this scenario is unlikely. Typically, you need at least one of the things that were outlined before. While writing your paper, keep this purpose in mind. You should prove the audience that you need one of the listed points.
  • Divide data to essential and additional. Start from the gist and then add the details. This is a very important rule for progress report writing. The committee can become annoyed if you are going to beat about the bush. So, try to provide them with the most important information at the beginning and then add details.
  • Think about the audience. You should analyze your superiors and create the presentation in accordance with it. First of all, you should check whether your report is clear for those who will perceive it. If you use specific technical terms, you should be sure that your readers will understand you. Secondly, you need to choose the appropriate tone of speech. You should decide whether you’ll provide your listeners with the emotional descriptions of a bright future, or if you’ll give them real figures or something of a more serious nature.
  • Consider the way of approaching information. You can make a presentation, write a long text or present your issue in oral form. You should think about this before you start writing. For example, when you present your work orally, you need to make your sentences simpler and shorter. Also, it is obligatory to think about the ways of taking the heat off.

Have you understood all the tips? Then move on to the six steps to write a progress report and afterward you will complete your paper easily!

steps to write a progress report

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