World Food Crisis Essay

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The world food crisis is affecting more than 3 billion people, which is approximately half of the total population. The increasing population may seem to be the main cause of this problem. However, it is not true (Himmelgreen). Thousands of people across the globe are not getting enough nutrition to survive which is resulting in poor health condition and some cases, death. Short of food or short of markets?

The prime cause of world food crisis is the unequal distribution of food (McDonald). The global market in total has enough food to provide approximately 4 pounds of food to every person, every day. It has been explained by McDonald that unequal distribution of food is because of poverty. Poverty among the people results in the shortage of markets and hence, shortage of food, ultimately, contributing to the global food crisis (McDonald). Along with this, lack of storage facility and an efficient transportation system is also identified to be the prime cause of the food crisis. This can be explained via example; Canada and the United States are the largest food producing countries, one can say that these countries should supply extra food to needy countries (Hobbs). However, it has been found that food supply is not the problem but the absence of a storage facility and transportation system in the needy countries is the reason why these countries cannot supply food. It can be analyzed here that in order to solve the food crisis, poor countries should focus on developing their markets; storage facility, transportation and eradication of poverty.

It can be concluded from the above discussion that there is no shortage of food, but there is a shortage of markets.

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