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One of our writers has prepared a sample PowerPoint presentation about insomnia, where you can find the analysis of causes and treatments of insomnia and clarify several important issues.

But first, what is insomnia?

Insomnia is one of those problems that everyone can face in everyday life. The term “insomnia” comes from Latin and the word originally meant “inside the dream.” Insomnia is a malfunction in the working of our biological clock, which is responsible for the cycle of wakefulness and sleep (also known as circadian clock). Either it is the difficulty of falling asleep, or the difficulty of maintaining sleep. For example, frequent awakenings or early morning awakening are signals that you have problems with your body clock. Normally, biological clocks work stably.

At a particular time they prepare the body for sleep. During this time, the speed of reactions decreases, as well as mental and physical performance, and blood pressure and temperature decrease, along with the adrenaline-like hormones that increase activity. But if there is a failure in biorhythms, then these processes do not begin in the evening, but in the morning, when it’s time for you to get up.

The study and treatment of sleep disorders (insomnia) is related to science of neurology and psychiatry. There are more than a hundred different anomalies and sleep disorders. Some of them are small, but particular cases can even endanger human life. Statistics show that a huge number of people suffer from sleep disorders at least occasionally. For example, every third American suffers from insomnia, while in the UK every fourth, and in France, a violation of sleep can be traced in one fifth of all people. This data indicates the real extent of the problem. The lack of sleep is usually associated with a rise in the frequency of accidents and decreases the working productivity of a person.

As a human spends about a third of life sleeping, we should care about the quality of our sleep. While the time period of sleeping is unique to each individual, the quality of sleep should always be high. So, why does insomnia occur in different age groups? How can you fight insomnia? Check this ppt presentation “The Reasons for Insomnia and the Ways to Fight It” and find the answers!

The Reasons for Insomnia and the Ways to Fight It