Essay About High School Homework: Do We Need Homework?

Why There Should Be Less or No More Homework

First of all, what is homework really for? Is it for students to learn on their own, analyze their learning from school, or any other educational reasons? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are three meanings of the word “homework,” but the most common usage of the word is used in relation to work assigned to students.

It is stated that homework is an assignment given to a student, which is to be done outside the walls of the school or university. Homework either makes a student learn or simply feel sore. A student may learn from it by analyzing and visualizing the topic discussed at school since it is an added work.

Tired students are unable to think critically. They return from school overloaded with knowledge of different subjects stuck on their minds, with only a small break to rest. When they go home, they still have homework needed to be done, and do not have the time anymore to do what they really want and recharge the energy that school has consumed from them. There are studies that have attempted to discern whether homework really helps a student or not. One such study is a survey conducted online by DebateWise, which states that 77% of those who answered wanted homework banned, while the remaining 23% answered that they didn’t want it banned (“Homework Should Be Banned”). Another online source had made the same survey and had nearly the same results (“Should Homework Be Banned?”).

There is conclusive evidence to suggest that homework should be banned or reduced, since there are more people who think that homework is just a burden and does not help with regards to their educational progress. Therefore, banning homework would actually be helpful and great for students as a whole. In such a way, they’ll have more time to relax and get ready for their classes the following day.

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Is homework necessary for an effective educational process? It’s hard to answer this question. The only thing we know is that the banning of homework would make students’ lives so much easier. The author of the persuasive essay on less homework above has expressed his personal opinion on this topic. He claims that homework is just a waste of time and energy, and it doesn’t give students the opportunity to rest at home and restore energy for the next-day lessons. You can use our sample as a source of inspiration or cite it, but you aren’t allowed to copy our texts without proper citation. It’ll be considered plagiarism!

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