Health Essay on the Role of Breakfasts

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day? Why or Why Not?

Nutrition is quite an important process because it fills the human body with all the necessary nutrients. One element of importance in this context is food intake. Special attention is paid to breakfast, as far as it is the first meal of the day. Breakfast can be called the most important meal of the day because the decision on the first meal can impact the whole day, and the quality of the breakfast can have a great impact on both physical and mental health.

Considering the questions about the importance of breakfast, attention must be paid to the research made by Gibney et al. The authors of the research made a review of literature devoted to the breakfast and, among other items, make a conclusion that “breakfast is a very important meal and that it deserves special attention, especially among children and this is borne out by published opinions of international agencies, national governments, and non-governmental organizations” (559).

Therefore, one can see that breakfast can be considered as a very important factor of human health. What is more, as it was noticed by the researchers, breakfast has an important effect not only on physical health. Spence remarked that “the decision about if and what to eat and drink at the start of the day has been shown to have some profound effects on our health, well-being, and cognitive performance” (4). Therefore, one can see that importance is not only in the fact of having breakfast but also in the products that are chosen for the first food intake of the day.

It is clear that the meals that can be chosen for breakfast and their impact on health have already been already investigated by researchers. One can pay attention to the article by Ferrer-Cascales et al., which demonstrated the impact of breakfast quality on the health of adolescents. The authors of the research noticed that adolescents who had a quality breakfast showed “better HRQOL and lower levels of stress and depression than those who ate a poor or very poor quality breakfast” (1781). In addition, they noticed that “breakfast skippers showed better HRQOL and lower levels of stress and depression than breakfast eaters who ate a poor or very poor quality breakfast” (1781). These results clearly prove that the quality of meal itself, and not just having breakfast, is significant for human health, and it can have effects not only on physical health but mental health as well.

This way, one can see that breakfast is defined as an important meal by many researchers who studied the topic with different approaches and from different points of view. It was noticed by Gibney et al. that there were different views on the importance of breakfast in overall diet quality. However, nowadays the importance of the first food intake is a recognized fact. As one can see from the research, the importance of breakfast was considered in various contexts and from different points of view. However, every time the researchers came to the conclusion that a quality breakfast has a significant impact on human health.

Therefore, one can see that breakfast can be called the most important meal of the day. The decision based on the meals can have an effect on the whole day. What is more, the quality of breakfast can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of a person.

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