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“Who am I?” Human beings are the only creatures on the planet who can ask themselves this question. Other animals don’t have problems with self-identity. Lions, dolphins, and zebras don’t ask questions. They just try to survive in this cruel world. But we can’t live without inventing problems regularly. That’s why “Who Am I” essays are so popular.

In truth, we like digging in our heads and souls looking for answers. We truly believe that our actions and feeling have a logical explanation, and every habit or trait has its root. Maybe we’re doing everything right. Maybe we care too much. Yet, we are here not to debate but to find out how to write “Who Am I” essay.

First of all, let’s figure out when we need to write a “Who Am I” essay.

When Do You Need a “Who Am I” Essay

In short, you might need a “Who Am I” essay for college, for work, for your bio, or simply for yourself. When you write it for yourself or for your bio, you don’t have any particular purpose but self-analysis. Sure, there are no concrete rules or requirements, and you can write it the way you want.

But when it comes to work or college, everything is a bit more complicated. Your “Who Am I” essay can become a part of the application process or job interview. Through your writing, an employer or an admissions committee will be able to take a closer look at your personality. Your essay has to convince them that you’re the best candidate for the scholarship or for the job. Thus, you need a few tips on how to write “Who Am I” essay to make a good impression.

10 “Who Am I” Essay Ideas to Amaze Your Readers

We’re sure that your personality is outstanding, and colleges and companies should fight for your excellence. But they don’t know about it yet. Even the sweetest candy and the most interesting books needs a bright cover to be noticed, right? Make your “Who Am I” essay sample so brilliant that nobody can resist the temptation to meet you personally and learn more about you.

1. Be honest, but delicate

Admissions officers as well as hiring managers read tons of CV’s, application essays, and cover letters. Do you think they can’t distinguish lies from truth? Don’t even try to add some fake facts to your essay. Firstly, some data is easy to check. Secondly, your life is exciting enough without any fantasies. Finally, you have a conscience, right?

2. Write about your passion

When you write about something you really like, your essay is filled with positive energy. Thus, it makes a good impression on the readers. If you’re going to apply for the position of interpreter, you don’t have to write about learning languages. For example, you can emphasize that the best about this profession is communicating with people if you really enjoy a social life.

3. Share an interesting story

When you compose a “Who Am I” essay not just for yourself, make sure that it will be interesting for your audience. Your childhood memories can be priceless for you and your parents, but they’re not likely to interest the admissions officers, unless you were an extraordinary child.

4. Switch on your creativity

“Who Am I” Essay samples don’t belong to the category of academic writing, so forget about the rules! Of course, not all the rules. We still don’t recommend you to use jargon or contractions. But you are not limited to the standard structure of the essay or specified sources. Moreover, you don’t even have to quote anybody, as the only person who has a right to express his opinion about you is, actually, YOU!

5. Use make-up

Not real make-up, for sure. You’d use metaphorical make-up. Hide or smooth your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. That’s what professional make-up artists do! Your inner beauty and qualities can also be emphasized!

6. Tell them more

Both hiring managers and the admissions board know everything about your academic achievements or work experience from your CV or resume. You don’t have to share this information again in your essay. Your task is to give them something more and to show them what kind of person you are. A human being is not just a bunch of numbers and facts!

7. Avoid boasting

Nobody likes upstarts. Sure, you have to demonstrate your positive qualities and achievements to make a good impression. But it doesn’t mean that you should sound arrogant. Readers should understand that your victories aren’t a gift or luck but the result of hard work and self-development.

8. Show your perspective

Admissions officers and hiring managers are interested in your personal thinking process. A “Who Am I” essay doesn’t require any additional sources or quotes. Your thoughts are enough to create a brilliant piece of writing. Don’t try to be someone else! Your personality is worth seeing.

9. Think about the impression

Being honest and being yourself are very good principles when we talk about how to write “Who Am I” essay. However, you should always keep the balance between frankness and a positive impression. If you choose to write about your mistake or failure, mention how this negative experience has made you a better person. Imperfections make us unique, but in your essay, they should look charming and interesting, not abominable.

10. Demonstrate your potential

Don’t forget to mention your plans for the future. Smart people always think about perspectives and opportunities. If you write a “Who Am I” college essay, explain how you can contribute to the development of the college community. When it comes to a job interview, you can mention how you want to improve the working process or how your skills will help this company to grow.

These 10 tips will guarantee the success of your essay! We know that general recommendations are not enough for you. So, don’t hesitate! Move on to the list of good and bad topics for your “Who Am I” essay for college or work!

“Who Am I” Essay Ideas to Write and to Avoid

We should remind you one more time that we’re talking mostly about essays for college or work. When you compose an essay exclusively for self-analysis, it doesn’t matter what topic you pick. But when you need to impress someone, you should be more careful with your choice. Below, you’ll find a list of “Who Am I” Essay Ideas that you should and shouldn’t use for your writing.

5 Good Topics for a “Who Am I” Essay

That’s classic. If you don’t seek originality and want to choose a time-tested option, this topic is perfect for you. Of course, there is one necessary condition: you need a really meaningful achievement to write about. Baking a cake or getting a high GPA is not enough! It should be something impressive like climbing Mount Everest or saving the planet from an alien invasion. So choose wisely!

If there is one topic even more impressive than a personal achievement, it is a fixed mistake. People love stories about falls and rises because we enjoy dramas. In your “Who Am I” essay sample, you should not only tell about your failure and your solution. The most important here is to underline how this situation has influenced your character, values, and worldview. Explain to your readers how this mistake has made you a better person.

Headings like “From Accountant to Famous Artist in One Year” or “A Life-Changing Journey to Africa” always attract our attention. Audiences like miraculous changes. When we read such stories, we start believing that something similar will happen to us and change our lives forever. Look back at your life. Who or what is responsible for the most dramatic twist of your fate? Maybe this story is worth sharing.

Both colleges and companies are looking for leaders. No one likes sheep, and everybody wants to see a shepherd as a part of their community. Of course, it is impossible to build a good team exclusively from leaders. However, if you feel like you can bring people together and give them the right directions, write about this quality in your “Who Am I” essay. Provide a real-life example in order not to sound baseless.

Doubts are an indispensable part of life, especially for people who learn new things about the world around them every day. For example, you’ve always believed that men are braver than women.

5 Bad Topics for a “Who Am I” Essay

We know that you love your parents, your teachers, and other great people around you. However, they are not the ones who are going to enter the university or apply for the position of manager. It’s you! So, please, write about you! Of course, you can mention other people, but they should never be the main characters of your “Who Am I” essay.

School is far from real life. If you’re applying for college, you don’t have much choice, because your school years are the only period you’ve already lived through. Yet, if you are around 30 years old, don’t write about your school life in the essay. It was a long time ago! We’re sure that you’ve had much more exciting experiences than history tests or bullying.

Being philosophical is not bad when you have a philosophical conversation. But it’s not good when you have to write about yourself! You’re not a philosophical concept. You’re a real person with real problems, real friends, and real actions. Your aim is not to find the meaning of life in your essay. Your task is to show your personality.

If you aren’t a professional sportsman, your sports victories are not interesting to anybody. Just face it! You can be proud of the winning goal or your personal record, but your employer or admissions committee doesn’t really care. They want to learn more about your goals, principles, professional experience, and personal qualities.

It’s a bit old-fashioned to claim that these topics are not for the dinner table, especially when you have dinner with a group of close friends. It’s totally fine to talk about faith, elections, and religion among your pals. However, it is still unacceptable for the application process. You don’t know the person who is going to read your writing very well. He or she might have an extremely different worldview. So, don’t take the risk of hurting their feelings!

That’s enough instruction for now, guys! There is another efficient way to teach you how to write “Who Am I” essay. We’ll give you a nice well-written example so you’ll have a good template for your own writing.

“Who Am I” Essay Example

You can use our sample to learn how actually a “Who Am I” essay outline should look. In your own essay, you don’t have to divide the text into separate sections by subheadings. We’ve added them to our sample only for comfortable reading. We kindly ask you not to plagiarize our text. Enjoy reading!

“Who Am I” Essay: Introduction

When do people become adults? What is the moment when they cross the line and leave their careless childhood behind? I think that it’s not the easiest question to ask. However, I considered myself to be an adult, even though I’m only 21 years old for a good reason.

“Who Am I” Essay: Main Body

The first time when I thought that I was an adult was when I moved out of my parents’ house and entered the university. I left my small native town behind and became a rightful citizen of the capital. I felt so independent and free but not for long. You see, everybody needs money to live independently. At that time, my only income was my parents’ money. So, it was too early to call myself an adult. But I wanted that so much!

Later, I got my first real job. For a couple of months, I felt really adult because I started to earn my own money. Unfortunately, my first serious job was not well paid. I understood that I had to move out of the dorm as I was not a student anymore. I had no other choice but to ask my parents for financial support to rent an apartment. I was so disappointed as I had lost my right to call myself an adult again.

Since one year ago, my whole world has changed. I’ve got a new job, and I’ve found many interesting and amazing people who inspire me every day. My life is great and full of bright and positive emotions. But it has also become much harder. I think a lot about my career, my private life, my plans, my skills, and other numerous things. I don’t dream about my future as I used to when I was a child. I think about the future, and I really worry about it.

“Who Am I” Essay: Conclusion

Now, I understand that I don’t want to be an adult, because that means to be the only person who is responsible for my life and success. Ironically, I think that exactly this understanding is what makes me an adult.

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We hope that you’ve learned how to start a “Who Am I” essay and how to make it brilliant from our guide. We are glad to share this information with you, as we strongly believe that all people should have the opportunity to look inside themselves and provide a proper self-analysis. Moreover, you should know how to present your strengths and impress your hiring manager or admissions officer. Finally, you can use our guide when you write a bio for your blog or social media profile.

Can you see now how helpful this guide is? Anyway, we’ve done our best composing it. Now, it’s your turn to work a bit and amaze the world with your outstanding writing.

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