Dating Essay on Using Dating Apps

What Are the Drawbacks of Online Dating Apps Such As Tinder?

With technological progress, relationships between people have acquired a new level: the level of online social interaction. Nowadays, approximately every activity can be done online. People buy goods, communicate, and even find a wife or a husband online. Due to such an increased interest in online life, a great variety of dating apps have been created in order to make the process of searching for a sweetheart more convenient. Nevertheless, it only seems easier, but, in fact, these dating apps have a lot of disadvantages, such as a distorted vision of reality, an excessive range of choice, and a tendency to treat people like commodities.

First of all, the information presented online does not always correspond to the expectations of another person. To be more precise, people are more likely to either exaggerate their positive qualities or diminish their negative features. Such distorted information leads to broken expectations in reality in the majority of cases. Dating platforms provide users with a wide range of opportunities to manipulate other people and fabricate personal information (Simon). In reality, the majority of potential online partners can turn out not to fit the expectations of another person.

Another significant drawback of dating apps lies in a tremendous variety of choice. In fact, it is only an illusion of choice, as sometimes it can be challenging to find a person who would agree to meet. Such a wide range of opportunities makes people pickier, and it becomes more difficult to choose a single person. According to the results of the study, “online daters were less willing to settle down and commit to a single partner while they had boundless options literally at their fingertips” (Adams). A considerable competition can even push people to act thoughtlessly, for example, to post frivolous photos to attract attention. As a result, the users become more appearance-oriented, while the importance of spiritual values is diminished.

The third crucial disadvantage of dating apps such as Tinder is a tendency to perceive people as commodities. In other words, people are presented on dating apps just like goods in the supermarket, with all their private information exposed similarly to the way the information about the composition and taste qualities of a product are stated. In the case when a partner does not fit, there is always an opportunity to find another one. According to the findings of a review, an “access to a seemingly infinite supply of profiles can lead individuals to commoditize potential partners” (Adams). In such a way, the moral status of an individual is diminished as he or she is treated not as a person but as a commodity.

To conclude, dating apps such as Tinder seem to provide people with precious opportunities for finding relationships, but in reality, they have more drawbacks than advantages. It is obvious that an online setting is a free space for people’s imagination and creativity, leading to the presentation of distorted information. The online environment breaks all the chains people are confined in, allowing them to behave the way they like. Nevertheless, the vision of a person in the online world does not always correspond to reality, causing a lot of unpleasant consequences for this individual and for those whose expectations turned out to be unrealistic. The fact that these apps provide people with a wide range of choices leads to distorted values. People start to perceive others from the consumer perspective. In fact, the best way to find a partner is dating in reality, as it allows people to see a person as they are, and without all these online filters.

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