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Obesity is one of the most widespread diseases. Today it’s easy to meet an obese or overweight person. Look around – it’s your neighbor, classmate, or colleague. If you are lucky enough, and all of the people close to you are thin and slender, the problem still exists. Even the growing popularity of healthy eating and being fit cannot significantly decrease obesity rates. While fat people may often be considered as soft and cheerful persons, their weight badly influences their overall health. This disease affects all age groups: children, adolescents, adults, and elderly.

In this article our essay writers want to show you a list of topics connected with obesity that you can freely use for your own essay. You can paraphrase them or use them as they are, unchanged. We strive to cover the most interesting and recent topics about obesity and being overweight. Enjoy!

Childhood Obesity Research Topics

childhood obesity research topics
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Obesity can dramatically influence the physical and social well-being of children. Usually, overweight children grow up to be adults with health problems. Let’s see what topics you can discuss in relation to childhood and adolescent obesity.

  1. Explain how parents with obesity increase the chances of their children to be obese.
  2. What are the main reasons for child obesity in well-developed/developing countries?
  3. Explore the local statistics of obesity rates among adults and children in your state. What treatment and social programs are available?
  4. Do TV, computers, and other gadgets influence childhood obesity rates?
  5. How fast food advertising influences childhood obesity.
  6. How do regular exercises and sports in childhood protect from obesity in adulthood?
  7. Explain the effect of childhood abuse and neglect in relation to obesity in adulthood.
  8. How does obesity affect the psychological well-being and emotions of a child?
  9. How do childhood and adult obesity influence your community and you personally?
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of isocaloric fructose restrictions for children with obesity.
  11. Do electronic medical records improve the diagnostics and screening of children with obesity?
  12. Think about whether childhood obesity influences the level of academic performance of a child.
  13. Is it true that children raised within a single-parent family are more prone to obesity?
  14. How can exercises among children and adolescents be promoted? How can they be made interesting and engaging?
  15. Explain the main causes of obesity among pre-adolescents in the US.
  16. Explain the causes of the increasing prevalence of adolescent obesity in Hong Kong (or another country of your choice).
  17. What measures can schools and universities use to decrease obesity rates?
  18. Persuade your audience that one of the most effective ways to decrease the obesity of students in schools is removing sweets and high-fat snacks from vending machines.
  19. Examine physical education programs in schools and colleges. How is it connected to obesity?
  20. How does the obesity of a mother affect a newborn?
  21. Analyze how childhood obesity influences the early development of chronic diseases.

Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

obesity argumentative essay topics
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Obesity is a quite controversial issue. Doctors and researchers actively seek for the real causes of obesity and find working methods to fight the disease. Also, scientists still argue whether obesity is a disease or not.

  1. Does a vegetarian diet decrease chances of obesity? Why?
  2. Can surgery methods overcome obesity? Is it the right choice? Why?
  3. Think about who should be responsible for controlling obesity rates: individuals themselves, parents, local authorities, educational institutions, mass media, etc.
  4. Can obesity be considered a mental illness? Explain why.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of warning statements on food labels as a preventative tool for obesity and chronic diseases in Australia. Should this practice be provided worldwide?
  6. Describe the most effective methods of obesity prevention in the US. What methods are used in other countries?
  7. Does education and the economic situation in the country play a role in the growing trend of obesity?
  8. Is obesity connected to a person’s behavior and lifestyle?
  9. Is obesity an international health issue? Provide arguments to your position.
  10. Does mass media influence obesity rates? How?
  11. What are the reasons for obesity in your school/college/community?
  12. Why is obesity a social problem? How can society address the issue?
  13. How do weight management and dietary changes influence a person’s health?
  14. Explain the importance of a well-balanced menu in the school cafeteria. Write a persuasive essay about promoting healthy meals in schools and restricting junk food.
  15. What nutritional programs are available in the US? Do they help lower obesity rates?
  16. Can obesity be considered a chronic or non-chronic disease?
  17. Does breastfeeding decrease the chances of occurrence of childhood obesity?
  18. Explain the meaning of healthy play places for children in terms of reducing obesity.
  19. How does the right kind of daily routine prevent obesity?

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Obesity Topics for Research Paper: Discussing Causes and Consequences

obesity topics for research papers
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There are many reasons why obesity occurs. To make the treatment more effective, we should find out what has caused the weight gain. Each case of obesity is unique, and therefore, the patient should undergo an individual treatment program. In this section you will find topics connected to the causes and consequences of obesity.

  1. Analyze the articles related to the reasons of obesity. Identify ideas presented in articles and define their viability.
  2. Is obesity connected to genetics? Can obesity be predicted?
  3. The obesity rates continue to rise. Why do you think this happens?
  4. Why are US immigrants more affected by obesity? Relate the environment and segregation to this issue.
  5. How do you think fast food restaurants influence the rising rates of obesity?
  6. Are women more prone to obesity? Why? In what counties or cultures?
  7. How is stress related to obesity? Find out the most recent publications on this issue.
  8. How does the urban environment affect obesity? Are people from big cities more prone to obesity than those who live in small towns and the countryside? Why?
  9. Define the obesity rates among African American citizens. What are the main causes of obesity?
  10. How does eating behavior depend on media and advertisement? Does it influence the occurrence of obesity?
  11. What is the life expectancy for people with obesity? What is the main identification? What are the solutions to increase this level?
  12. Analyze the scholarly article, “Genetic Influences on the Response of Body Fat and Fat Distribution to Positive and Negative Energy Balances in Human Identical Twins” by Claude Bouchard. What makes this research unique? What questions does the author strive to answer?
  13. Analyze the article “What’s Behind the Obesity Epidemic” by Carlotta Pozza and Andrea M. Isidori.
  14. Identify particular eating habits as an important cause of obesity. How does family eating habits influence obesity rates?
  15. Quantify the phenomenon of obesity in your region. Collect the data from reliable sources, identify reliability and validity, and interpret the received data.
  16. What are the negative effects of obesity on children/teenagers/adults?
  17. Analyze the causes and consequences of obesity among US military personnel.

Economics and Sociology of Obesity Topics

economics and sociology of obesity topics
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Currently, a significant increase in the number of people suffering from being overweight has actually become a serious problem for ensuring sustainable socio-economic development at the state and local levels. Here are some topics connected with this issue.

  1. Can local socioeconomic status be associated with the causes of obesity?
  2. Analyze the film “The Weight of the Nation” about the obesity epidemic.
  3. Explain the influence of food prices and food quality on obesity. How to fix it?
  4. Analyze the film “Globesity” available online. What have you learned from the film? Describe how China and other countries can control the threat of obesity.
  5. Should the government play an active part in preventing obesity? What governmental regulations can help?
  6. Do people with obesity suffer from discrimination in the workplace? Is it legal?
  7. Discuss the situation of obesity in Latino communities in the US.
  8. Critically evaluate Zinczenko’s views on obesity, the fast food industry, and healthy food.
  9. Analyze the current situation of the food industry in the US. Do people have the opportunity to buy quality, healthy foods? Does the food industry influence obesity rates?
  10. Describe the current situation of obesity in the US. Provide statistical data, analyze the most frequent causes, and define the tendency. How does obesity affect the US economy and society?
  11. Will tax on sugary drinks lower the obesity rates? What economic effect will it lead? Give two other ways to decrease obesity level.
  12. Analyze the obesity rates among Maori or Islander citizens in New Zealand.
  13. Compare and contrast the situation with obesity rates in the US and Asian countries.
  14. What are the cultural differences related to obesity in India and China?
  15. Identify the ethical principles and issues in the context of the obesity epidemic.
  16. The role of body image on the rising occurrence of obesity.

Biology and Treatment of Obesity Topics

treatment of obesity essay topics
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Still, there is no single answer about the biological causes of obesity and influence of body state on the occurrence of this disease. Here are some insights into the problem from various perspectives.

  1. Describe metabolic complications and the role of fat distribution in people with obesity.
  2. Explain the linking mechanism between obesity, type 2 diabetes, and inflammation.
  3. What digestive diseases are associated with obesity?
  4. Explain the interconnection of insulin resistance and obesity.
  5. How does heart failure relate to obesity and type 2 diabetes?
  6. Explain the occurrence of bone fraction and obesity in women during menopause.
  7. Does obesity influence a woman’s childbearing experience?
  8. Explain the meaning of personal responsibility in relation to the US (or another country of your choice).
  9. Find out the influence of fructose and corn syrup on obesity and gaining weight.
  10. What is the obesity stigma? How does it worsen outcomes in obese people?
  11. Explain the effect of obesity on healthcare staff and personnel from the emergency unit. What are the underlying causes?
  12. Explain the relationship between endocrine-disrupting organotin and obesity.
  13. Analyze obesity from a sociological perspective. What is the role of sociological imagination?
  14. Compare and contrast obesity and anorexia. What health problems do they lead?
  15. Explain the influence of gut microbiome on obesity and metabolic syndrome.
  16. Explain the meaning of morbid obesity. What conditions are related to morbid obesity? Describe treatment methods and risks connected. Explain what may happen to a person if obesity is not treated.
  17. Can gastric bypass surgery cure obesity? How? In what cases?
  18. Explain the role of nurses in obesity treatment.
  19. Are there any drugs for obesity treatment? Are they effective? What side effects do they have? Why?
  20. What is the difference between being overweight and obesity? How do healthy nutrition and physical activity help to cure the disease?
  21. How can nurses monitor and negotiate the problem of obesity in and outside the hospital?

Obesity and being overweight are massive issues that can be discussed from many angles. As this problem is one of the most challenging issues of public health, it should be actively discussed at schools and colleges to raise awareness about the seriousness of this problem and how to prevent it.

It can be hard to find a good topic on obesity, which is why we have created this list. We will be happy if one of our topics will inspire you on writing. This means that all of our efforts were not spent in vain! However, we know that finding a topic is only half of the way to writing a good essay. If you have troubles with writing, ask our expert writers to help you! Just fill in the order form on this page and get assistance from EssayShark 24/7.

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