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Social Smoking Research Paper Topics

  1. Can smoking be prevented by making tobacco illegal?

    Academic level:

    High school

    Type of paper:

    Argumentative essay


    Health Care and Life Sciences

  2. Who put the cigarette in the hands of women?

    Academic level:

    High school

    Type of paper:

    Presentation or speech

  3. Smoking ban in public places.

    Academic level:

    High school

    Type of paper:

    Essay (any type)


    English and Literature

  4. What is the existing impact in banning smoking in public housing?
  5. Should smoking be allowed in school?
  6. Should smoking be banned for good?
  7. Is teen smoking still a problem?
  8. Should smoking be allowed at parks and other outdoor public venues?
  9. To what extent are college students more prone to engage in smoking marijuana and drinking their first year in college?
  10. Smoking bans on campuses.
  11. Why would anyone start smoking in the first place?
  12. Using pharmacological intervention and counseling to promote smoking cessation among young adults.
  13. Should the smoking age be raised to 21?
  14. Should smoking in private cars be outlawed?
  15. The reason why the smoking rate in China cannot be reduced.
  16. Is tobacco taxation an effective tool to reduce the smoking population?
  17. Is smoking a legitimate individual difference to consider when hiring people?
  18. Should the smoking age be 21 for people in California?
  19. Is using shisha/hooka a type of smoking?
  20. Why should/shouldn’t there be a smoking area at a high school?
  21. Two psychological and two sociological factors influencing smoking.
  22. Why can’t teens use the same smoking cessation programs as adults?
  23. Do electronic cigarettes enable people to quite smoking?
  24. Smoking Has Become a Public Declaration of Stupidity by Nikki Gemmell.
  25. Is a person’s success at quitting smoking influenced by whether their friends smoke?
  26. Has teenage smoking within the last 10 years increased in the UK?
  27. Why are tobacco smoking rates dropping?
  28. Is adolescent smoking related to parental smoking and the family environment?
  29. Should the federal government pass a nationwide indoor smoking ban?

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Smoking Topics on Physical Health

  1. The toxic risks of passive smoking.

    Type of paper:

    Argumentative essay


    Health Care and Life Sciences

  2. The dangers of smoking cigarettes.
  3. Hidradenitis supparativa and the effects of smoking with this disease.
  4. Are smoking bans necessary to protect public health?
  5. Why is smoking/doing drugs bad during pregnancy and what are the effects on the baby?
  6. How is smoking dangerous to your heart?
  7. What impact does smoking have on a pregnant woman?
  8. The relationship between birth weight, maternal smoking during pregnancy and childhood, and adolescent lung function: a path analysis.
  9. Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking-related illnesses and deaths?
  10. Myocardial infarction and smoking.
  11. What do you think of e-cigs? (Are they at least safer than tobacco cigarettes?)
  12. Smoking effects on oral cavity.
  13. Diabetes and smoking.
  14. How does smoking cigarettes affect the body both positively and negatively?
  15. How does smoking affect a healthy blood vessel artery?
  16. How can we persuade people to make healthy lifestyle choices like not smoking, exercising, and maintaining a healthy BMI?
  17. How does smoking Cannabis affect the prefrontal cortex in developing brains?
  18. Smoking related to lung cancer.
  19. How fast food is now a bigger health risk than smoking.
  20. Effects of smoking on the respiratory system.
  21. The problem of healthcare costs due to smoking and ways to alleviate this dilemma.
  22. Identify specific ways in which cells and tissues are affected by smoking.
  23. How do smokers really die? Do they die from smoking or is it something else?

Smoking Topics on Mental Health

  1. The relationship between tobacco smoking and stress.
  2. Can vaping be addictive and lead to smoking?
  3. Why is it so difficult to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes?
  4. Quit smoking by sucking lollipops.
  5. Critically discuss the effect smoking tobacco has on mental health and the recovery of mental illness.
  6. A good side of smoking.
  7. Results of smoking vs. results of drinking.
  8. Is there a relationship between smoking bans and patient aggression in in-patient psychiatric units?
  9. How does smoking and alcohol relieve stress?

The stop smoking essay topics that you can choose from are not the only form of help we will provide. We want also to offer you information useful for your paper writing.

Useful Information for Writing About Smoking

Tobacco chemistry harms all organs, without exception. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco use is associated with the occurrence of at least 25 diseases. Tobacco consumption is considered a major cause of death in the world.

Tobacco has a carcinogenic effect, causing cancer in no less than 12 different parts of the body: in the lungs, oral cavity, nasal cavity, paranasal sinus, larynx, throat, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, liver, renal pelvis, and gall bladder. Also, tobacco causes myeloid leukemia – that is, blood cancer.

Tobacco is also a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (40% of cases), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (80% of cases), and malignant tumors (30% of cases, including 90% of cases of lung cancer). By abstaining from tobacco, 40% of these diseases can be prevented.

Health risks of tobacco use:

  • Respiratory tract – bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer.
  • Circulatory organs – high blood pressure, pulse rate becomes rapid, narrowing of the arteries (gangrene), damage to the inner lining of the arteries (stroke, heart attack).
  • Digestive organs – disorders of the stomach, stomach ulcers.
  • Oral cavity – inflammation of the gums, cancer of the oral cavity.
  • Skin – rapid aging, dullness and paleness of the skin.
  • Sexual organs – infertility, impotence.
  • Human embryo – premature birth, being underweight, poor health.
  • Psyche – addiction.
  • General health – shortening of the expected lifespan.

The Effect of Smoking on the Oral Cavity

A smoker’s gums are irritated and sore. Gum disease caused by tobacco use involves inflammation of the gums, inflammation of the tissues around the dental root, and bacterial plaque, and can lead to:

– swelling and soreness of gums;
– bleeding;
– gum discharge from the base of the tooth;
– the destruction and loss of teeth and taste sensitivity.

Tobacco use increases the risk of oral cavity cancer. Oral cavity cancer occurs on the lips, tongue, or the inside of the cheeks (a precancerous condition). Lip and tongue cancers are aggressive and rapidly developing forms of cancer. Cancer can also occur in the throat, pharynx, and tonsils. Ninety percent of these cancer cases are directly related to tobacco use.

When you quit smoking, plaque is reduced. The risk of developing oral cavity cancer is also reduced.

The Effect of Smoking on Heart and Blood Circulation

For a smoker, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is 2-4 times higher than for a non-smoker. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.

  • Tobacco use can lead to heart attack and stroke.
  • Smoking causes impaired peripheral blood supply in the limbs. Painful cramps, numbness, goosebumps, and tiredness in the legs appear. Lack of blood supply increases the risk of infections, causes gangrene, and leads to limb amputation.

If you stop smoking, the risk of heart attack will decrease, and you will not have to endure cramping in your legs, as your blood supply will be better.

The Effect of Smoking on the Respiratory Tract

  • Chemicals contained in tobacco smoke cause chronic lung disease.
  • Substances contained in tobacco smoke irritate the respiratory tract, reduce the elasticity of lung tissue, and destroy the walls of the pulmonary alveoli.
  • Smoking causes chronic shortness of breath, and coughing.
  • Ninety percent of cases of lung cancer are associated with tobacco use, carcinogens, and tar in tobacco. At the onset of the disease, lung cancer is hidden. When symptoms such as coughing up blood and difficulty in breathing appear, it is possible that the cancer has already spread to other organs, especially in the bones, liver, and brain.

Within a few days after quitting smoking, breathing becomes better, and the sense of smell and taste are exacerbated. After a few months, the smoker’s cough also disappears. The risk of various lung diseases is markedly reduced. Here we should not forget that the work of the lungs is improved not only with the abandonment of conventional cigarettes, but also with the abandonment of all other smoking tobacco products, including hookahs or cigarillos.

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