Best Renaissance Topics for Artsy Students

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Coming up with compelling Renaissance topics is a tough venture. The remarkable era of cultural “rebirth” features so much grandeur and significance that it’s hardly feasible to settle on the perfect option to develop a paper on. The merits and accomplishments this period is recognized by have begotten a mind-bending multitude of subjects to study within an academic paper, and our writing experts already cultivated super-catchy topics based on them!

Renaissance Topics for a Research Paper

  1. How did the Renaissance change a man’s view of the world?
  2. Comparing the High Renaissance in Rome to Venice or Northern Europe.
  3. The Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution.
  4. Flemish art and the Early Renaissance in Florence.
  5. Muslim Contribution to the Renaissance.
  6. The Renaissance culture in Western civilization.
  7. The Northern Renaissance and the Southern Renaissance.
  8. What effect did the Carolingian Renaissance have on the Bible?
  9. Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary society.
  10. The godfathers of the Renaissance.
  11. What role did sexuality and the eroticism play in 16th century Renaissance art?
  12. How profoundly did the discoveries of the Renaissance reshape attitudes to the heavens and to the terrestrial world?
  13. How did painting and music compliment each other during the Renaissance period?
  14. The Renaissance’s humanist cultural, intellectual, artistic revolution.
  15. Renaissance religious symbolism and naturalistic beauty.

Harlem Renaissance Topics

  1. What was the Harlem Renaissance and why was it important?
  2. The role of Langston Hughes in the period of the Harlem Renaissance.
  3. How the writing of Harlem Renaissance era was a reaction to the roaring 20s.
  4. Discuss the life of one person from the Harlem Renaissance (1918- mid 1930s).
  5. Homosexuality in the Harlem Renaissance.
  6. The effects of music on the Harlem Renaissance.
  7. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of literary and intellectual flowering that fostered a new black cultural identity in the 1920s and 1930s.
  8. How did the Great Migration and economic changes during the early 1900s influence the music, literature, and art during the Harlem Renaissance?
  9. African-American art as propaganda in the Harlem Renaissance and today.
  10. Compare and сontrast the Harlem Renaissance and the book “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”
  11. The Harlem Renaissance and how it affected the world.
  12. The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement during the 1920s.
  13. Explain what the historical context for jazz was during the Harlem Renaissance, why it was important, and what its lasting impact is.
  14. Harlem Renaissance and its impact on Ralph Ellison’s book “The Invisible Man.”
  15. Lois Mailou Jones’s contribution to the Harlem Renaissance.

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Renaissance Essay Topics: Argumentative Essay

  1. The aspects of humanism you felt most impacted the Renaissance period, and which ones still have impact today.
  2. Bear baiting/animal entertainment in Renaissance theater.
  3. Art patronage in Renaissance Italy.
  4. Italian Renaissance warfare.
  5. The idea of courtly love carried tremendous weight during the Renaissance. Explain how two different texts depict courtly love and where their approaches are similar and where they are different.
  6. Compare the precinct-level designs in the Renaissance and the Baroque eras.
  7. The influence of science on Renaissance art and culture.
  8. Impacts of the discoveries of Renaissance science in Western Civilization.
  9. Early Renaissance art in both Northern and Southern Europe.
  10. The influence of the Medicis on art of the Renaissance.
  11. How did women contribute to the Renaissance? Did the Renaissance lead to an improvement in women’s lives?
  12. How much influence did the Italian Renaissance have on dress style?
  13. How the ideas of the Italian Renaissance spread to northern Europe.
  14. “Almost all the art before the Renaissance was created by people for whom the notion of art did not exist.” Discuss this assertion, offering examples of the new self-consciousness and individualism of Renaissance artists.
  15. What Renaissance landmarks or personalities have influenced most dramatically the culture of the West?

Renaissance Informative Speech Topics

  1. Art of the Renaissance and human nature.
  2. Subjugated women from the Renaissance to French Revolution periods.
  3. The roles played by nonelites during the Renaissance era.
  4. Judaism during the Renaissance.
  5. The reformation of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance.
  6. Humanist moral philosophy during the Renaissance.
  7. Comparison of the Western world and the Renaissance.
  8. Art, philosophy, and history of the Renaissance.
  9. Comparative analysis of the Renaissance and contemporary society.
  10. Pros and cons of the Renaissance era.
  11. Italian carnivals during the Renaissance.
  12. The Renaissance and female composers.
  13. Comparing the Renaissance to Modernism.
  14. The Renaissance and the Reformation.
  15. The Renaissance and the Great Plague.

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