Interesting Soccer Research Paper Topics: Ideas for an Essay or Speech

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If you need to write a paper or prepare a speech about soccer (globally known as football), then our soccer essay topics with research paper and speech ideas will surprise and amaze you. Each section contains ideas that will be helpful to you. All of these interesting ideas for different purposes can be adopted by you and used when necessary.

Soccer Topics for Research Papers

  1. The effect of dynamic stretching on the flexibility of the hamstring muscles in high school soccer athletes.
  2. High income vs low income soccer in the USA.
  3. Rivalry between soccer teams.
  4. Medicine of soccer.
  5. History of soccer development in China and its perspectives.
  6. Effects of playing on a soccer team.
  7. Globalization of soccer.
  8. Use of strength and conditioning to improve soccer players’ ability to kick at soccer ball.
  9. History of soccer.
  10. Most common injuries among soccer players, and their prevention and treatment.
  11. Racism in soccer.
  12. Soccer culture in West Africa and the effects on politics and society.
  13. The importance of soccer.
  14. Pay gap in women’s soccer.
  15. American football vs soccer.
  16. Diversity in Major League Soccer.
  17. Soccer in Latin America.
  18. Sex differences in subjective sleep quality, sleepiness, and health-related quality of life among collegiate soccer players.
  19. The physics behind soccer.
  20. Soccer in Brazil.
  21. Sexism in soccer.
  22. The politics of soccer in colonial India.
  23. Soccer marketing.
  24. Indoor soccer and outdoor soccer.
  25. Chinese soccer.
  26. Soccer advantages and disadvantages.
  27. Statistics in soccer.

Soccer Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What has the girls soccer program meant to you? What did you learn that’s going to help you in life?
  2. How has soccer influenced Afro-Brazilian culture and traditions?
  3. Are soccer players more physically fit than other athletes?
  4. Does technology change soccer for the better?
  5. How do soccer clubs in Saudi Arabia use season tickets as a source of funding?
  6. How do you become a better soccer player?
  7. Why is soccer the best sport?
  8. How do you kick a soccer ball?
  9. How do soccer players communicate with each other on the field?
  10. Why do you like soccer?
  11. What is the future of soccer in France?
  12. Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best soccer player?
  13. How does stress affect soccer players?
  14. Why should professional soccer players get paid more?
  15. Which of the energy systems will be dominant during each phase of the soccer game (break it down if the event has, for example, jump, sprint, turn, held position, endurance phase, etc.)?
  16. The effect of practicing juggling with different sized balls upon performance, retention, and transfer to ball reception?
  17. Identify and describe the equipment of the sport and why it is needed/useful.
  18. Explain the process of training for the sport/event. How did the athlete prepare their body and mind?
  19. Explain how nutrition can influence athletic performance in soccer.
  20. What kind of mathematics is used when trying to predict soccer outcomes?
  21. Should kids be allowed to play football, hockey, and soccer, even though they risk brain injury?
  22. How can we use mathematics on penalty shootouts in soccer?
  23. What positive role has soccer played in my life so far and how will it help me in the future?
  24. Soccer is my favorite sport.
  25. Comparison between a helium soccer ball and a normal soccer ball.
  26. Why is soccer an important way to interact in our society?
  27. What are at least three possible technological developments you see in the future of soccer?
  28. Is it economically beneficial to host a soccer world cup?
  29. Why is soccer becoming more popular in the United States?
  30. How to survive soccer season.

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Descriptive Soccer Essay Ideas

  1. Describe your experience at the soccer event you attended.
  2. Describe a “typical” meal plan for a soccer player. Include information such as: food types, calorie amounts, frequency of meals, supplemental nutrients (vitamins, minerals, ergogenic aids), and times during the day when food is ingested.
  3. Describe the physiological traits that make a soccer player better for the sport.
  4. Describe the rules governing soccer.
  5. Describe the bio-mechanics of kicking a soccer ball.
  6. Describe the joints, muscles, bones, and nerves and how they interplay with kicking a soccer ball.
  7. Describe how a soccer player can get a serious injury.
  8. Describe the benefit of soccer for women.
  9. Describe sport-specific training for soccer athletes.
  10. Describe how soccer was used to deal with ethnic divisions in Ghana, and also to bring other countries together in Africa.
  11. Describe why Barcelona is a better soccer team then Real Madrid.
  12. Describe business and international relations in soccer world cups.
  13. Describe how soccer players communicate with each other inside the field.
  14. Describe the rationale of modified small-sided game rules for soccer.
  15. Describe Liverpool soccer fans.
  16. Describe how soccer works in physics.
  17. Describe how to juggle a soccer ball.
  18. Describe why soccer is the best sport to play.
  19. Describe the ethnography of girls soccer teams.
  20. Describe the benefits of technology in soccer.
  21. Describe the integration of soccer into the US as a popular or dominant sport.
  22. Describe the Colombian National Soccer Team.
  23. Describe goal line technology in soccer.
  24. Describe why soccer is so important to Spanish culture.
  25. Describe the effect of soccer on a referee’s physiology and how to improve game-time decisions.
  26. Describe why soccer is loved and hated in America.

Informative Speech Topics on Soccer

  1. Soccer in Mexico and its impact on the economy and culture.
  2. Injuries that most commonly occur in soccer.
  3. Correlation between goals scored and possessions.
  4. Behavior of soccer fans.
  5. Information on how to play soccer.
  6. The influence of a soccer league on the country’s economy.
  7. The relations of soccer and national identity in Argentina and Brazil.
  8. High altitude training on elite soccer players and the physiological effects.
  9. Influence of money on soccer.
  10. Famous events of soccer.
  11. The rise and fall of the American soccer league.
  12. Soccer hooliganism in Europe.
  13. The impact of event quality on fan satisfaction and game attendance in the context of professional soccer in Iran.
  14. Soccer and politics in South America.
  15. Men’s and women’s soccer in the USA.
  16. Fan culture, violence, and stadium disasters of soccer.
  17. Professionalism and globalization of soccer.
  18. The role of soccer in people’s lives.
  19. Racism in soccer through social media.
  20. The global phenomenon of women’s soccer.
  21. The evolution of soccer.
  22. Concussions in soccer.
  23. The physics of soccer: passing and taking a free kick.
  24. Persuasive speech: “Who is the best player in the history of FIFA?”
  25. Soccer teams as an organization.
  26. Arbitration in soccer.
  27. The conflict athletes face with discrimination of sexuality in sports, in particular soccer.
  28. The best soccer player in the world.
  29. Women’s soccer in Jamaica vs women’s soccer in Brazil.
  30. Fighting between soccer teams.

Interesting Facts About Soccer

Soccer rightfully takes the place of the most popular team sport in the world. Soccer matches attract thousands of fans in stadiums, and millions gather at TV screens. This game is distinguished by the importance of not only the physical training of the participants, but also the need to carefully consider the strategy of matches.

  • Yellow and red cards were used by soccer referees starting in the late 1960s – the head of the judiciary was thinking about how to smooth the language barrier between referees and players, when the image of a traffic light came to him. So the judges stopped making notes in their notebooks and began to show the players cards that are understandable in any country in the world.
  • In 2003, Inter and Milan met in the semi-finals of the Champions League, whose home arena is one stadium. It was decided that Milan would conditionally be the host of the first meeting, and Inter would be the second. The matches ended with a score of 0:0 and 1:1, but in the end Milan reached the final, formally scoring more goals in a foreign field.
  • Intel placed its advertisements on the inside of the players’ t-shirts of the Barcelona Club – viewers were to see the Intel Inside slogan when jubilant players rip off their t-shirts.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is a double name, not a first and last name. The future great football player received the rare name Ronaldo because of his father’s love for US President Ronald Reagan.
  • Hicham Zerouali played for a whole year under the “zero” number – the fact is that football fans called the player “Zero,” reducing his name, and the owners of the club decided to give him this number.
  • The football (soccer) field becomes striped, not because it is sown with grass of different varieties, but as a result of the work of lawn mowers, which not only cut off the shoots, but also bend it in different directions, creating the illusion of stripes. This color of the field is not only pleasing to the eye, but also helps the referees in tracking offsides violations.

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