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The subjects of media and communication require deeper study. Some students find this field complex, and some enjoy diving into modern media processes. Definitely, every student wants to write an effective communication paper for their classes. Still, some have better skills to generate ideas while others are brilliant in analyzing given ones. Therefore, we have prepared 50 communication research paper topics for our students to expand their thirst for knowledge in this field.

History Topic Ideas for a Media and Communication Paper

  1. Development of media through the ages: the history of communication.
  2. History of speech: the importance of oration and public speaking in Ancient Rome.
  3. Difference between journalism ethics today and in the 20th century.
  4. What preceded the art of the interview? Why is the interview an important part of media and communication today?
  5. Language at the dawn of human civilization. The origin of language as a basic form of communication around 70,000 years ago.
  6. Systems of writing in Ancient times among different cultures.
  7. Communication as the basis of a social lifestyle in the modern age.
  8. Rhetorical styles of great leaders.
  9. Communication’s effect on personal development from an early age.
  10. Literacy as a basis of potential media growth among various social groups today.

Topics on Methodology and Discipline for an Effective Communication Paper

  1. Theory and philosophy of communication.
  2. Communication and qualitative methodology.
  3. Difference between quantitative methodology and qualitative methodology.
  4. Effective studies of communication with critical theory.
  5. Cultural studies and their connection to communication.
  6. Better understanding of communication in studying feminism.
  7. Social perception of communication.
  8. Psychological aspects of communication.
  9. Rhetorical studies that help to approach the communication subject.
  10. Understanding communication through debates: political studies and the art of discussion.

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Media Management and Communication Paper Topics

  1. Advertising through social media campaigns.
  2. Types of modern advertising.
  3. Advertising campaign planning: budgets and goals.
  4. History of the advertising business.
  5. Policy and regulation in radio and television programming.
  6. Main causes of the crisis in media management.
  7. Importance of communication in business and the economy.
  8. Concepts and history of media management.
  9. International media management: key features and differences.
  10. Convergence in the media world and specific communication structures.

Key Relationships in Communication Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Ethics of communication in patient-doctor relations.
  2. Communication in social groups.
  3. Why is it essential to be subordinate at work?
  4. Key communication rules between student and teacher for an effective studying process.
  5. Media as the primary tool of communication between brands and consumers.
  6. Communication in the virtual world: games, social media, and dating websites.
  7. Friendship as the basis of social communication for successful self-realization.
  8. How to regulate communication better in intimate relations between spouses or romantic partners.
  9. Family communication: child and parent relations.
  10. How should supervisors of working groups and teams communicate?
  11. Criminal groups and methods of communication (Yakuza, Cosa Nostra, and other worldwide recognized criminal organizations).

Message Characteristics in Communication Research Paper Topics

  1. Photojournalism and reporting as dealers of key messages to modern society.
  2. How is media used to message people about factors affecting communication (sexual orientation, freedom of expression, globalization)?
  3. How do various cultures show their distinctive features (history of national costume, folk, and traditions)?
  4. What opportunities does communication give modern society to overcome various life challenges (sexual harassment, deception, racism, bias)?
  5. Speech disorders and communication types that help overcome inconvenience during the communication process (the language of the deaf and blind, touch reading practice for blind people).
  6. Traditional forms of communication in 2020. How have they changed within the last 20 years?
  7. Difference between verbal and nonverbal communication types.
  8. Cinema as a visual language for ultimate communication between cultures worldwide.
  9. Literary genres and specific communication forms.

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