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We live in such a world where anyone can face discrimination. From a scholarly viewpoint, paying attention to this issue can save humanity from negative situations such as social harassment and military conflicts.

Students of well-known universities worldwide conduct valuable investigations on race, age, disability (ableism), sex and sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, hostile work environments, and gender discrimination topics. In our guide, we want to provide ideas for topics on each of these categories so you can make a great essay.

General Discrimination Research Topics

  1. Which factors reflect the increase of discrimination and prejudice in modern society?
  2. Forms of discrimination reflected in social media today.
  3. Police brutality and various forms of discrimination.
  4. Black victims of violent crime and death penalty discrimination.
  5. Privileged male actors and discrimination towards women on stage in the time of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.
  6. How can sexist attitudes presented by a person or institution be punished in the US?
  7. Three types of direct discrimination.
  8. Should children’s beauty pageants be considered as legitimate, or as damaging to children?
  9. Subtle and general prejudices as basic forms of discrimination in modern society.
  10. Discrimination, violence, and anti-Jewish laws in Nazi Germany before World War II.

Gender Discrimination Topics

  1. The human right of feminism and the challenges and changes of women’s inequality.
  2. Why has legislation requiring equal pay and prohibiting discrimination failed to bring about equality for women in the workforce?
  3. Sexism in the experiences of women in the paid labor force.
  4. Why are men as specialists paid more than women with the same professional degree in their fields of study?
  5. The reasons why society used to think that men are smarter than women. Does this myth still exist?
  6. Sex stereotypes in the education of 2020 compared with the 20th century in the US.
  7. Waves of feminist movements around the world.
  8. Why is a preference for women’s domestic work such as cleaning and cooking related to sexism?
  9. False means of feminism in the ‘70s: the porn industry and general sexism.
  10. Why is modern-day feminism considered as sexism?

Racial Topics of Discrimination

  1. Racial discrimination in educational institutes.
  2. How did colonialism shape aboriginal racism in Canada?
  3. Identify factors that influence the development of prejudice and racial discrimination today.
  4. White supremacy among sex workers as the main significance of anti-black racism.
  5. Myths concerning ethnic groups in most countries as a significant source of discrimination.
  6. Impact of racial discrimination on people’s relations.
  7. How does today’s racism materialize in a way unlike it used to be 100 years ago? Explain your viewpoint.
  8. How does racism impact Latinx youth and children? Which barriers do they face (educational, social)?
  9. The rise of racism in American society and its impact on the level of crime.
  10. Why does Bell Hooks claim in her essay that white feminists have not adequately acknowledged or addressed racism?

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Age Discrimination Research Topics

  1. Age discrimination in advertisements.
  2. How should people prevent age discrimination in the workplace?
  3. How does the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF) protect children’s rights in practice?
  4. Define “young” and “elderly” and indicate how people of these groups can be discriminated against.
  5. Causes and reasons for discrimination in early childhood.
  6. The stereotype of older adults as a border of the extended career path.
  7. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.
  8. Illegal discrimination in the workplace concerning young and older adults.
  9. Should kids contest that the use of child labor be considered as the cause of age discrimination?
  10. Juvenile delinquents face discrimination that might be the cause of more crime.

Topics of Discrimination on Sex and Sexual Orientation

  1. Sexual harassment in the US in 2020 and the protocol of victims’ protection.
  2. Experience of discrimination in educational institutions against LGBTQ students.
  3. Do sports and sports journalism effectively fight LGBTQ discrimination?
  4. Sexual orientation and LGBTQ discrimination in homes.
  5. Jack Philips, a pastry maker, refuses to make wedding cakes for gay couples as a devout Christian. Should private companies be able to refuse service to customers based on religious beliefs? Or, should United States laws restrict discrimination?
  6. How does the US law protect both sides of the LGBTQ civil partnership?
  7. Discrimination in the health care system against transgender people.
  8. How does the system of values in modern society distort gender roles of sex discrimination?
  9. Developing countries and their attitude toward the LGBTQ community. Which cases of discrimination can you depict?
  10. Why should businesses provide equal standards to not discriminate against LGBTQ people?

Ableism Discrimination Essay Topics

  1. How does ableism affect the American education system?
  2. Programs in the US that protect and help deaf and mentally handicapped people in employment.
  3. Discrimination in the workplace against people suffering from obesity.
  4. People with chronic illnesses and the discrimination they face in education and the workplace.
  5. Which laws against disability discrimination are applicable without modification to sports to the extent that such laws have made participation in elite levels of sports more inclusive?
  6. The types of discrimination disabled people face in daily life.
  7. The present and history of past employment discrimination against the deaf.
  8. The discrimination that people with HIV/AIDS encounter.
  9. Unemployment discrimination against people with mental disorders.
  10. How should the education community prevent bullying and other types of discriminating behavior against disabled students?

Religious Discrimination Research Topics

  1. People’s perception of various religious beliefs and their role in social discussions.
  2. Dispel properties of the theological myth that the feminine is the main cause of man’s downfall in The Story of the Fall.
  3. Discrimination in the workplace and education against the Muslim community.
  4. Discrimination based on religious preferences.
  5. How do some religious communities show discriminatory behavior against people based on physical appearance?
  6. Should Islamophobia be considered as religious discrimination?
  7. The emphasis on religious background, where Americans struggle with diversity, such as the experience of privilege, discrimination, the search for a historical, cultural, or political identity, the immigrant experience, and ideology.
  8. Discrimination of women in Islam.
  9. How do representatives of other religions demonstrate discrimination against Christians?
  10. Discrimination of the Irish Catholic immigrants in the US during the 1920s.

Pregnancy and Maternity Topics of Discrimination

  1. Abortion as a choice of convenience.
  2. How does the US law protect pregnant women according to social welfare?
  3. Discrimination in the workplace against pregnancy and maternity.
  4. Discrimination against the image of a single mother in society.
  5. What role do the courts play in discrimination against pregnant women and mothers?
  6. Why do pregnant women and mothers face more discrimination than childless women regardless of social status?
  7. Pregnancy and maternity discrimination and the inequalities in leadership positions. Which steps should be taken to improve the situation?
  8. How do laws regarding pregnancy define discrimination based on sexual orientation, family, and medical leave? What remedy do those laws provide when there has been discrimination?
  9. Stereotypes and prejudices concerning pregnancy and maternity cause anxiety, stress, and mental disorders for women who face this discrimination.
  10. Discrimination against pregnant students and ways to fight bullying.

Marriage and Civil Partnership Discrimination Essay Topics

  1. Which institutions regulate marriage and civil partnership discrimination?
  2. Cases of civil partnership discrimination and its effect on the system of values in society in 2020.
  3. Domestic violence as a display of partnership discrimination.
  4. How does the community reflect discriminatory behavior against lonely people?
  5. Anti-discrimination laws in the US against marriage and civil partnership discrimination.
  6. Marriage equality with the signed contract.
  7. How does civil partnership discrimination play a role in someone’s ambition to succeed?
  8. How does the US law regulate discrimination between a couple in a civil partnership?
  9. LGBTQ families and child adoption. What impact does LGBTQ marriage have on adopted children?
  10. Difference between equality and rights of both partners in marriage and civil partnership relations.

Hostile Work Environment Discrimination Essay Topics

  1. Is disrespect at the workplace considered a showcase of a hostile work environment?
  2. Discrimination in the workplace as a reflection of the low level of social consciousness.
  3. Sexual harassment as discrimination in the workplace.
  4. False humility and the status of the appropriate authority on a toxic work environment.
  5. Gossip, intrusive questions or comments, and saying the behavior was not meant to offend or was “banter” is a faulty defense for causing harassment.
  6. Excluding someone from meetings or events as lawful discrimination.
  7. Wage discrimination in the workplace in the US in 2020.
  8. Discrimination toward immigrants in the workplace.
  9. How do attitudes toward pronunciation or uses of specific syntax work in any situation? How does it lead to discrimination and the marginalization of individuals?
  10. Hostile work environment discrimination as a barrier to economic growth.

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